Engineer to Order ERP Software for Manufacturers

Rootstock’s engineer to order ERP software helps ETO manufacturers manage production easily by connecting the entire enterprise to one seamless system.

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Rootstock’s ETO ERP Provides Seamless Revision Management

Engineer to Order (ETO) manufacturers have the unique challenge that every product or solution they build is unique. Therefore, they cannot improve productivity or profitability “by volume”. Rootstock engineer to order ERP makes planning, production, and accounting for each order consistent so although the ultimate product is unique, the process is standard.


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Product Design and Project Management

Bring Product Design and Project Management Together with ETO ERP Software

Rootstock’s Engineer to Order ERP brings the configured product design together with procurement and production under a single umbrella and team. With product management, ETO manufacturers can control product definitions configured and engineered from stock products.

  • Comprehensive project management for ETO manufacturers to plan, track and cost each project using Project Control.
  • Connect Product Design, Product Management, and Production.
  • Project Workbench for real-time access to cost comparison of actual to budget, project inventory, and more.
  • Plan, track and cost by each project using Project Control.
  • For design and R&D, Rootstock partners with leading PLM Propel on the Salesforce Platform to synchronize the latest product configuration data.

End-to-End Cost Controls

End-to-End Cost Controls

Rootstock ETO ERP system gives you the flexibility to build highly personalized products while maintaining margins and economies of scale. Gain complete visibility and control of costing, helping you identify and manage cost elements while eliminating inefficiencies. 

  • Create accurate estimates using product templates for product, materials, and routings appropriate to each template.
  • Scheduling, inventory, and capacity planning lets you balance production work centers and material supply using a simple drag-and-drop scheduler.
  • Advanced ETO MRP system lets you purchase common parts used across many projects considering delivery date for each.

Customer Service & Support

Robust Customer Service & Support with Engineering ERP Software

Resolve service issues faster for an enhanced customer experience in sync with your service contracts by giving your service teams a complete, 360° view of customer and product information.

  • Complete service lifecycle tracking lets you maintain data on specific customer configurations, and provides serial number tracking to ensure proper replacement parts.
  • Connect your field service teams to inventory, RMAs, refurbishing and depot repair processes.
  • Get visibility into customer cases, sales orders, invoices, shipments, returns and credits from a single location.

Salesforce Platform is Great for ERP

Why the Salesforce Platform is Great for ERP

When you run ERP on the Salesforce Platform, you put your customers at the heart of your business, shift the focus of IT onto strategic projects, and reduce costs while gaining a 360° view of your customers and your business.

By extending Salesforce on a modern Cloud ERP system, ETO manufacturers remove the business silos that divide PLM, CRM, ERP, and other manufacturing data to create a single, shared view of all customer interactions across your entire business.

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“We needed an ETO ERP system we could easily customize to meet our evolving needs, that would grow with us, and would be around for many years to come, no matter how big we got. Rootstock Cloud ERP scored the highest against our full list of requirements.”

Glenn Judd
VP of Operations and Engineering, Nanophase

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See how Rootstock Cloud ERP software for ETO manufacturers is designed to accelerate business growth, create efficiencies in your operations, and manage manufacturing operations with ease.

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From sales to customer service, engineering to production, supply chain to inventory, Rootstock’s Cloud ERP has all the capabilities needed for Engineer to Order manufacturers to manage production operations efficiently and drive business growth.