Rootstock Enterprise Insights for 360° ERP Analytics

Discover actionable business insights with Rootstock’s Enterprise Insights manufacturing ERP analytics solution. Leverage out-of-the-box, organization-specific dashboards to monitor KPIs and gain greater business intelligence across your manufacturing business.

Gain a 360° View with Enterprise Insights

Rootstock ERP Reporting System Features

Enterprise Insights Recipe flow

Direct Access to Actionable Insights

Enterprise Insights comes out-of-the-box allowing you to extract the structured business intelligence data required for reporting & dashboarding directly from your enterprise data. Each team—Sales, Procurement, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Finance—has access to common, pre-defined KPIs and traditional views designed for the different functions’ reporting needs. 

  • Give stakeholders purpose-built, at-a-glance views of opportunities, trends, and other insights specific to their functional role. 
  • Perform ad hoc analysis with the data to extract your own business insights in a powerful, yet intuitive interface. 
  • Tailor the data to suit your own dashboard and reporting preferences. 

Customer behavior ERP analytics dashboard

Highly Interactive ERP Analytics Dashboard

A simple but powerful dashboard provides users with multiple ways to navigate specific information they need in the way that best illustrates the insights they want. Highly interactive panels focus the data extraction and visualization making opportunities easier to recognize and report.

  • Navigate the data from broad to specific using intuitive panels of options.
  • Slice-and-dice the data extracted as desired to hone in on the specific issues you want to investigate.
  • Drilldown through the visual elements into the data that is represented in the dashboard to navigate all the way down to individual transactions.

“We recently started sharing one of the dashboards in the break room so the employees can see orders that are scheduled that week, what has already been shipped, any overdue orders, and work orders completed by week.”

Dustin Almon
Operations Manager, Northeast Lantern
Sales Performance ERP Dashboard

Tailorable, Organization-Specific Datasets for Decision-Making by Function

Enterprise Insights delivers pre-defined KPI sets directly from each function within your manufacturing organization. Using your business data, modify or augment additional KPIs that matter most using Enterprise Insights Author license. The following apps are available:

  • Sales Analytics
  • Spend Analytics
  • Inventory Analytics
  • Manufacturing Analytics
  • Financial Analytics

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