Cloud ERP Analytics and Collaboration

Know more about your customer and business with Rootstock’s Cloud ERP. Blur the lines between departments, customer and suppliers.

Rootstock Cloud ERP leverages the power of Salesforce to deliver robust business analytics and social collaboration for deeper insights into company performance.

  • Quickly view key performance indicators using customizable dashboards.
  • Discover actionable business insights with real-time advanced analytics.
  • Run hundreds of easy-to-use reports or create your own.
  • Drive productivity by connecting customers, employees and product teams through social collaboration with our Cloud ERP software.


View real-time, graphical, key performance indicators (KPIs) on a single screen:

  • Create customized dashboards for any role in your organization, from CEO to sales.
  • Identify opportunities, trends and potential issues at a glance.
  • Drill down to see detail reports for any KPI with a single click.

View KPI’s

Sample KPIs for CEOs and CFOs


Current Inventory Valuation
Open Sales Orders
Open Purchase Orders
Sales By Sales Rep
Bank Acct Balances
Monthly Invoice Count
Aged Accounts Receivable
Net Profit By Period
Revenue and Revenue Growth
Year Over Year vs Forecast
And More!


Current Ratio
Receivables Turnover
Days Sales Outstanding
Asset Turnover
Profit Margin On Sales
Return On Assets
Return On Equity
Debt to Total Assets
Debt to Equity

Process Capability and Process Performance Indices (CP vs PP)

Revenue (Invoiced)
Cost of Goods Sold
Gross Margin
New Customers CP vs PP #
New Orders (CP vs PP ) #
New Orders
Backlog Orders CP vs PP #
Backlog Orders
AR Aging Summary
And More!

Drag-and-Drop Reporting

Organize, view, and analyze your data with ease using our powerful reporting tools:

  • Create your own reports using a drag-and-drop visual report builder, with no coding required.
  • Gain valuable intelligence about your business from a variety of reports included out of the box with Rootstock Cloud ERP.


Rootstock gives you the power of Salesforce Einstein Analytics, which combines data visualization with machine learning to deliver data-driven insights for every business function:

  • Know more about your customers, suppliers and business processes, from summary to transaction level.
  • Take immediate actions that optimize your business.
  • Analyze your business in real time from any device with Rootstock Cloud ERP Software.

“Salesforce is the first real application platform in the Cloud you could trust your entire business to.”

– Stephen Simons, CIO, Astrum Solar

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and notifications let you know what’s happening in your business at any time:

  • Set up alerts to notify you of important milestones and issues.
  • Set up alerts to run detailed reports.

Chatter/Social Collaboration

Improve productivity and customer satisfaction by connecting employers, suppliers and customers through social collaboration on Salesforce Chatter:

  • Drive productivity by sharing knowledge, files and data with employees regardless of role or location.
  • Accelerate innovation by providing a forum for anyone to share insights and ideas.
  • Get direct feedback from customers to help you improve the customer experience.
  • Easily create intelligent and branded Salesforce Communities and portals for customers, partners, and employees.


Design and run any workflow to support your business:

  • Automate complex business processes with workflow applications using a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Guide users through workflows, recommend next steps and automate manual tasks.
  • Simplify your approval processes and set them to complete automatically.

Rootstock Cloud ERP Products

Our cloud-based ERP system, designed by and for manufacturers, helps you manage your company’s digital transformation in order to grow and succeed.