Rootstock eCommerce ERP Software for Salesforce

Achieve customer experience excellence and grow your bottom line with Rootstock eCommerce ERP and Salesforce.

Expand Your Market to the Whole World for an Always-on Storefront

More and more people are shopping online which has made focusing on transforming customer buying experiences a top priority for retailers in B2C, B2B, and virtually any other combination. Salesforce has been a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for digital commerce for the past six years enabling Rootstock customers to easily add ecommerce to their sales channels while keeping all of their other processes virtually the same.

Grow revenue with eCommerce built around your customers

Your customers may be anywhere, so your storefront should be wherever they are. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud leverages all the power of the Salesforce Platform to extend your business to your customers at any time of day or night.

  • Personalize every interaction with a common data model that gives you a 360° view of the customer journey
  • Create innovative, branded experiences for greater engagement across channels
  • Connect the customer journey from marketing and social to commerce for storefront or curbside and more
  • Increase revenue, productivity, and customer engagement by adding Einstein AI for eCommerce

Adapt quickly with an agile, scalable, and secure platform

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an easy “plug-in” to your Rootstock Cloud ERP that can be implemented in weeks, not months. All the supporting components of inventory, production, and financial visibility extend to make your virtual storefront as productive as your other sales channels-maybe more so!

  • Get to market in record time to increase sales with a digital storefront that can handle peak shopping times—in any time zone
  • Scale globally with localization support for multiple languages, currencies, and tax formatting.
  • Reduce your cost-of-sale with customized sites and easy-to-use tools like drag-&-drop.
  • Adapt to changing business needs by creating new business models on the fly.

Expand your reach with seamless post-purchase customer journeys

Like any other Salesforce component, the power is in connecting with the rest of your business system. Make the after-sale experience as easy as placing an online order by turning your digital storefront into an online service center.

  • Connect your virtual storefront with Salesforce Service Cloud to unify your call center and self-service experiences.
  • Make reorders, returns, and exchanges as easy as ordering with easy-to-implement tools.
  • Give customers the transparency they need to take order actions and see order updates with self-service features, so they’re not left hanging with incomplete transactions.

Deliver flexible, omni-channel order management anywhere in the world

Sell wherever your customers shop using the same data and back-office processes you use for your other sales channels. Just add a new demand source without disrupting the rest of your supply chain and production processes. Ecommerce puts your business everywhere, but Salesforce and Rootstock enable you to manage from anywhere.

  • Unlock inventory and fulfill from any location with distributed order management.
  • Visually manage workflows and automate order fulfillment, payment capture, and invoices with supply chain workflows.
  • Accurately view inventory with a single source of truth across all types of orders. Optimize for speed, cost, and other business priorities across your other channels.

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