Capacity Planning Software

With drag-and-drop scheduling, comprehensive shop floor control, and powerful data visualization features, Rootstock capacity planning software reduces bottlenecks in your production processes so you can respond to demand signals and fulfill orders faster.

Rootstock’s capacity planning software delivers orders on time while minimizing costs and maximizing profits.

Capacity Planning Software

Improve Capacity Planning and Resource Management with Rootstock

The days of using spreadsheets or paper-based processes to keep up with customer demand are long gone. Without effective capacity planning, customers may be disappointed by short or late shipments because a manufacturer didn’t adequately plan for the necessary supplies, resources, equipment, labor, and other elements of production. Modern, agile manufacturers use purpose-built capacity planning tools to get products to customers on time in the most efficient, profitable manner.

Rootstock Capacity Planning Software Features

Identify and Fix Shortages

Produce the Right Amount at the Right Time with Drag-and-Drop Capacity Planning & Scheduling

Rootstock capacity planning software is drag-and-drop easy, helping teams see shortages and overloads, automate production management, and respond to changing market trends quickly.

  • Get critical capabilities to balance customer expectations and resource availability
  • Avoid unhappy customers, potential loss of revenue, and over-production that weighs on financials
  • Use clear, end-to-end visibility into demand for more effective planning and utilization

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360 Degree Shop Floor Control

Improve Production Capacity Planning Efficiency with 360°/365 Shop Floor Control

Rootstock capacity management software inherently connects supply with demand, materials with production, operations with finance and accounting, and sales with upstream production, operations, planning, supply chain, and other teams.

  • Move beyond disconnected spreadsheets floating between Sales and Planning, or CRM disconnected from ERP
  • Easily manage multiple orders with different delivery dates across multiple customers and various facilities
  • Overcome complex capacity planning challenges with a purpose-built capacity planning tool

“Rootstock helped us connect the sources of demand and increase our production efficiency.”

Dustin Almon
Operations Manager, Northeast Lantern
Capacity Planning with Rootstock Cloud ERP

Effectively Manage Capacity Planning with Rootstock Cloud ERP

Rootstock’s native connection with Salesforce CRM ensures the customer experience is never interrupted.

  • Capture accurate sales orders to quickly create work orders, kickstart materials flow, and see a complete view of upcoming capacity planning needs
  • Give finance teams timely insights into costs and supply needs to expedite invoicing and make profit-driven decisions
  • For manufacturers with field service businesses, connect Salesforce Field Service for visibility into products sold, terms of service, and consumed inventory

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See how Rootstock capacity planning software enables greater capacity utilization and reduces bottlenecks in production through powerful automation, drag-and-drop simplicity, and data visualization.

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