Cloud ERP Logistics Management Software

Flexible, powerful and mobile-ready logistics management helps you exceed customer expectations.

Rootstock Cloud ERP gives you the logistics management tools you need to plan, implement, and control the efficient flow of goods.

  • Use Rootstock Mobile to efficiently manage inventory, order fulfillment, work orders, shipping and receiving.
  • See ALL supply and demand information on a single screen for multiple or single items, including forecast data.
  • Our logistics management software helps you automate shipping, and receiving, inbound/outbound tracking, picking, and barcode scanning.

Shipping and Receiving

Rootstock’s logistic management tools allows for a streamlined shipping and receiving process that improves customer service:

  • Seamlessly connect your planning, procurement and receiving processes to enhance the accuracy of supply management.
  • Link service and shipping processes to improve the speed and accuracy of shipments.
  • Go paperless to improve organizational efficiency and information access with Rootstock Cloud ERP software.


Efficiently manage the flow of inbound and outbound products and services:

  • With our logistics management software, you can manage purchasing from requisition to receiving and approval.
  • Track inbound shipments at different stages of transit along with containers and their contents.
  • Generate outbound shipping documents electronically and accurately calculate taxes and shipping charges.


Know what is available to ship at any time:

  • Maintain real-time inventory down to individual storage location levels with Rootstock Cloud ERP software.
  • Generate picking documents sequenced for the most efficient retrieval of products to be shipped.

“Benefits include speed and accuracy in the quoting process along with real-time visibility to order shipments from pickup to delivery.”

– Michael H., Current Rootstock Customer

Barcode Scanning

Save time and resources with integrated barcode scanning:

  • Generate barcode scannable documents to maximize inventory and transaction accuracy.
  • Improve productivity with barcode reading devices to efficiently transact and move inventory.

Rootstock Mobile

Rootstock Mobile is our industry-leading mobile app that automates inventory, production, shipping, fulfillment, and labor transactions, helping you save time and money:

  • Receive, monitor and ship inventory from your mobile device.
  • Reduce costs by using industry-standard mobile devices instead of proprietary handheld data collection devices.

Rootstock Cloud ERP Products

Our cloud-based ERP system, designed by and for manufacturers, helps you manage your company’s digital transformation in order to grow and succeed.