State of AI in Manufacturing Survey Results

Rootstock & Salesforce Commissioned. 350 Manufacturers Responded.

This survey was commissioned by Rootstock Software and conducted by Researchscape. The survey assessed the views of how manufacturers currently view and use AI in everyday operations, their plans for future adoption and how these tools are impacting their roles.

DEMOGRAPHICS: 350 manufacturers across the U.S., U.K. and Canada in organizations with 100+ employees were surveyed.

This survey was conducted in October 2023.

The Current Use of AI in Manufacturing

The vast majority of manufacturers surveyed are using all types of AI and are already enjoying measurable benefits. Not surprisingly, they see efficiencies and increased productivity for operations.

ERP is listed as the top technology to impact an organization's ability to adopt and integrate more AI-powered tools over the next three years
– 47% of manufacturers
– 47% of manufacturers

ERP is core to the successful adoption of AI-powered tools for manufacturers as ERP collects contextualized raw data making it easier for AI to deliver tangible insights.

Manufacturers are expanding AI budgets, but their percentage of investment is determining if they will be “leaders” or “laggards” in the AI revolution. Find out where you rank among your peers.
What is the Future of AI in the Manufacturing Industry?
AI’s Impact on Jobs

It is most likely that AI will displace tasks that people aren't effective at and don't want to do. The majority of manufacturers see greater opportunity for AI to help them to do more and better work.

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