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Raj Badarinath

Chief Product Officer

“Manufacturers are seeking next-generation ERP technologies to help digitally transform their businesses in this post-pandemic world. My goal is to help industry leaders understand the advantages of leveraging a digital signal chain that’s driven through a purpose-built manufacturing Cloud ERP solution. With the right technologies in play, they will be equipped to sense and respond to market disruptions and future-proof their tech investment in a competitive market.”

Raj Badarinath

Full Profile

With over 25 years of experience, Raj Badarinath is a recognized technology expert in the manufacturing industry. As Chief Product Officer at Rootstock Software, he has kept a keen eye on the evolution of manufacturing, often looking at issues like competitiveness, global supply chain, and overall economic implications on the market. He then translates his observations into product capabilities that manufacturers need to enable their demand chain, production capacity, and supply chain transformations. His expertise spans ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and other enterprise solutions needed by manufacturers, distributors, and supply chain organizations.

Thought Leader Experience

Badarinath has spoken at numerous manufacturing, retail, and distribution tradeshows and conferences, including Dreamforce, National Retail Federation, IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show), OpenWorld, e-Tail, and Supply Chain Summits. He is a well-known speaker and moderator, having delivered webinars, panel discussions, seminars, and other industry events. His recent online seminar helped manufacturing professionals understand how they could better manage supply chain uncertainties; this panel discussion was delivered to a medical device manufacturing audience. He’s also written for a variety of business and manufacturing publications and has been quoted on emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, mass personalization, and new monetization models.

Hot Topics

He’s available to comment on the following topics:

  • Re-globalization. Understand the concept, and how manufacturers are leveraging technology to help enable a re-globalization playbook.
  • Market Volatility. Receive expert commentary on how manufacturers are adapting to today’s volatile conditions and continued disruptions.
  • Digital Supply Chain. Find out how manufacturers are using a cloud ERP to help facilitate a digital “signal chain.” Learn what that is and how it bridges the gap, connecting demand and supply chains.
  • Tech Investments. Learn what technologies manufacturers should be investing in to help address today’s most pressing challenges, while also enabling themselves to leverage new and emerging opportunities.
  • Data Visibility. Discover how manufacturers are gaining visibility across their different business functions, so they can make decisions based on one dynamic source of truth.
  • Tech Assistance in a Labor Shortage. Understand how manufacturers are automating processes and streamlining labor-intensive tasks to help staff members be more productive in today’s tight labor market.
  • Change & Collaboration. Discuss important factors in change management and inter-departmental collaboration.