The pandemic put an immense amount of stress on medical device manufacturers as they experienced an explosion in demand while navigating the challenges of lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, and fast-changing healthcare needs. But 2021 is expected to be a year of recovery and expansion as the global industry is expected to grow to reach $600 billion by 2023.

Of course, not every medical device manufacturer has the resilience to overcome the ongoing challenges of 2020 while meeting the spiking demand and varying customer needs of 2021 and beyond. Manufacturers will need deep operational insights, broad production and supply chain visibility, and the granular product, quality, engineering, logistics, customer service, and sales control to ensure strategic goals are met and customers are kept happy.

You Can’t Afford to Wait on ERP Modernization

Now is not the time for medical device manufacturers to continue relying on slow, manual processes, disconnected data and systems, and gut feel. Modern, cloud-based ERP solutions built for medical device operations, production, manufacturing, financial, quality, and other critical functions are available. They’re also fast and easy to deploy, can integrate with existing tools and systems, and are built on the Salesforce platform you already use.

But where do you begin? How do you determine what’s important to you and which solution is right for your business?

Evaluating Cloud ERP for Medical Device Manufacturers

Companies are never satisfied with generic, one-size-fits-all software solutions, and that’s especially true in the highly scrutinized industry of medical device manufacturing. You need industry-specific operational visibility to give you control over the regulatory, traceability, and quality control, and other challenges faced in this industry.

But your business is also unique and focused on specific sectors, products, types of customers, business goals and structures, and more. So, any solution must be easily customizable to fit your unique business. And, it must give employees the tools to work when and where they need to, on the device that gives them the most flexibility and power to get the job done.

In other words, there’s a lot to think about as you search for and evaluate a cloud ERP solution for your medical device manufacturing business.

2021 Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide for Medical Device Manufacturers

Download the 2021 Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide for Medical Device Manufacturers today to get tips and guidance on more than 125 capabilities across 7 different areas. The guide provides the must-have features, functions, and technologies required for medical device manufacturers, from the technology behind a cloud platform to capabilities your service, sales, inventory, logistics, finance, and other teams need to meet the demands of this industry today and tomorrow.

This evaluation guide provides a practical and actionable starting point for increasing business sustainability and growth. As you evaluate different solutions, it also allows you to weigh items by importance while comparing different providers. The result is then customized to highlight the areas most important to your specific business.

If you need even more guidance or assistance, check out all our resources for medical device manufacturers. Or just cut to the chase and get a personalized demonstration of Rootstock Cloud ERP for medical device manufacturers.