A clear and useful introduction to cloud ERP

Understanding Cloud ERP

“Cloud ERP for Dummies – Rootstock Manufacturing Edition” is a great primer on the subject

Everyone is talking about cloud ERP these days, and with good reason. But even though the benefits of moving to cloud ERP are clear, the subject of cloud ERP can seem complex and even overwhelming.

For a good, clear, foundational understanding of cloud ERP, start by reading “Cloud ERP for Dummies – Rootstock Manufacturing Edition.” In five brief chapters, this quick read explains:

  • The limitations of legacy, on-premise ERP and your basic ERP options in the cloud
  • Why cloud matters so much, and the many potential benefits you can expect
  • The key elements of a successful ERP evaluation, including executive sponsorship
  • Common mistakes to avoid during Cloud ERP selection and implementation

You can also explore each chapter’s theme in more detail by reading these posts.

“Recognizing and Responding to the Limitations of Legacy On-Premises ERP,” which discusses modern manufacturing trends, the limits of legacy ERP systems, and what to look at when you consider cloud-based ERP solutions.

“Understanding the Value of a Modern Cloud ERP,” which explains why you need to align your ERP with digital transformation efforts, the realities that make cloud ERP platforms so important, and some benefits you can expect from the move to cloud.

“What’s Driving the Need for Cloud ERP” delves into three key trends in manufacturing – personalization, reshoring, mobility – that are making the agility and flexibility of cloud-based ERP increasingly necessary.

“Choosing the Right ERP Solution: Managing an ERP Evaluation Project” explains how to build an effective evaluation team and select the solution that most closely meets your current and future needs.

“9 Mistakes to Avoid with Cloud ERP” points out some of the big errors you can make as you evaluate and implement your cloud solution, and explains what you can do to avoid the kinds of pitfalls that can derail your project.

When it comes to cloud ERP, we’re no dummies. For expert advice on how to make your move to cloud ERP, contact Rootstock today!