Planning for the Future with Cloud ERP

In our last post, we looked at some of the benefits that manufacturers are realizing after implementing a cloud ERP solution. In this post, we’ll see what these manufacturing firms hope to accomplish in the future with the help of cloud ERP.

Many manufacturers who have chosen and implemented a cloud ERP solution are very happy with the automation that the solution provides. They are seeing a more fluid and profitable process both within their organization and for their customers.

Manufacturers know that the IoT has been gaining in popularity and they are hoping to combine their cloud-based ERP systems with IoT to achieve even more streamlining in the futures. Analysts and manufacturers alike imagine entire interconnected ecosystems of machines and people managing complex processes, from the smallest details on the assembly line to larger scale operations including supply chains, distribution and market demand. Some analysts predict that the industrial sector will to be the largest beneficiary of future IoT development.

They are looking to be able to automate orders and then use robotics to complete many of the steps in the manufacturing process. Through the IoT, smart sensors allow robots to be programmed to pick and pack components and materials and put those items in the correct bins. These robots and other machinery, networked with the firm’s cloud ERP system, transmit real-time data to workers. The workers can then use cloud ERP apps to get instructions about what to do with those bins, and the cloud ERP software will track the entire production cycle.

How One Company Sees the Future of Cloud ERP

Watch the video below to see how one firm sees the future of cloud ERP and the Internet of Things.