Salesforce Admins have a lot on their plate. Enabling fast access to data and a crystal clear, company-wide view of performance is towards the top of your list. One thing you don’t need is another platform or legacy tool to learn, integrate, maintain, secure, synchronize, and configure. So why shouldn’t your business, from sales to operations to customer service, simply run on a single platform?

Read “The Salesforce Admin’s Guide to ERP on the Salesforce Platform.”

This new eBook specifically helps Salesforce Administrators understand the benefits and expanded capabilities of adding ERP to the Salesforce Platform you already know. With everything—data, workflow, configurations, integrations, and more—on a single platform, you’re better able to respond to the increasing and shifting demands of the business. Plus, the Salesforce Platform has almost limitless expansion opportunities to extend capabilities beyond ERP to include marketing, field service, partners, and other areas of your business.

In contrast, administering Salesforce while juggling technology from different vendors using different technologies slows you down and slows the business down. That creates challenges in delivering new apps to the business, giving executives the insights they demand, and doing your job within the time and budget you have available.

“The Salesforce Admin’s Guide to ERP on the Salesforce Platform” focuses on six specific areas to inform your thought process as you explore your ERP options. The benefits of running ERP on your existing Salesforce Platform include:

1 – Improved security

2 – Easier cross-team workflows

3 – Low-code customizations

4 – Comprehensive data and insights

5 – Native mobile features

6 – Instant business integration

Get this ebook today to learn the many benefits of ERP on the Salesforce Platform.