Attention Salesforce Customers: Need a reason to modernize your ERP? Here are 15!You probably already know this, but your old ERP system is holding your business back. It’s OK. We understand. In fact, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies who were exactly in the position you’re in now. They built workarounds to accommodate limitations, justified tedious and error-prone manual processes to fill the gaps, and even learned to live with cumbersome data downloads and spreadsheet-based reports that were weeks or more out of date. But once they realized the benefits of a modern, connected, cloud-based manufacturing ERP software, the response was always the same: Why did we wait so long?

A key to modern ERP success is building on a platform that already powers your business. You’re using Salesforce CRM to help your sales team move faster, push opportunities through the pipeline, and easily generate and track quotes and orders. Those latter items are the triggers that fire off the rest of your business, telling Procurement that more raw materials are needed, Operations when more products are required, and Customer Service that more support will be eventually needed. Even the sales pipeline and opportunity insights help those downstream teams create better operational plans. So why not use Salesforce as the platform to run the rest of your business?

Download this detailed eBook to learn 15 reasons why you shouldn’t wait to modernize your ERP. It dives deep into each of these specific ways Rootstock Cloud ERP can benefit not just production and operations, but how the benefits extend to Sales, Finance, the C-suite, channel partners, and, of course, your customers.

To get your interest piqued, here are the first 10 reasons. You didn’t think we’d give all 15 away here, did you?

  1. Better Collaboration
  2. Mobile Apps
  3. Automatic Drilldown Audit Trails
  4. Better Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
  5. Manufacturing Flexibility
  6. Application Flexibility
  7. Unified CRM and ERP
  8. A Single Data Model Across CRM and ERP
  9. 360° View of the Customer
  10. Elevating Your Sales Game

Rootstock Cloud ERP is built on the Salesforce platform for better, easier, faster insights into your business so you can become more efficient, more productive, and more responsive to your customers. Disconnected systems inevitably lead to disconnected organizations. It limits the data your workers can access, causes gaps in production and operations plans, slows your ability to react to customers and market forces, and even burdens IT as they scramble to maintain various systems, integrations, and vendors. But, again, you probably already know all of this. All you need are a few more concrete examples of how Rootstock Cloud ERP, built on the Salesforce platform, can help your business.

There are a million reasons why you need a better ERP system, but these 15 should give you more than enough to justify getting your ERP modernization moving forward. Click here to download the complete eBook today.

Please also join us on May 7th at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT for a webinar and live demo with ERP Focus: “Top 15 Reasons to Move to Cloud ERP on the Salesforce Platform.”