Rootstock Software has launched a new office in Japan to respond to the tremendous demand for Cloud ERP in the country’s manufacturing and distribution industries. We also appointed Yoichiro Sugii as General Manager of Rootstock Japan, Inc. to oversee the company’s growth and expansion in this vital market.

Sugii comes to Rootstock with an extensive background in business management consulting. To mark his start with the company, he has authored this insightful article on the state of Japan’s manufacturing industry and its need for modern cloud solutions.


Bringing Rootstock Cloud ERP to Japan

By Yoichiro Sugii as General Manager of Rootstock Japan, Inc.

We’re in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Not only has the speed of change accelerated, but we’ve also entered an era of enterprise-wide operations. Previously, we could focus on a narrow segment of operations, but today business must strategically manage all functions in a more unified way, and data must be aggregated to provide worthy measures of company performance and a better understanding of our customers.

Japan was once a global leader in manufacturing. Now, the country is lagging behind other Southeast Asian countries. Information and communications technologies have advanced so quickly it’s been to difficult to keep pace. However, the cloud provides an opportunity to level the playing field and embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

With Rootstock and Salesforce working together, CRM, ERP, and SCM have all moved to one cloud and are seamlessly integrated. This presents a great opportunity for tier 2 and tier 3 companies to modernize, transform and stay competitive. Why wait another three years, when modern cloud ERP and CRM are available today?

This scenario reminds me of mobile phone adoption. In some areas, people were still using landline phones, even as the use of mobile phones was on the rise. In China, however, adoption of mobile phones occurred more quickly because in many cases landlines were never adopted in the first place.

Today, the cloud makes this type of technological leapfrog possible. Companies that have old and bloated ERP systems may be hesitant to modernize, but modern cloud solutions provide many advantages, including more flexibility, connectivity and a 360° view of customers and an entire business. Artificial Intelligence, as well as the Internet of Things, will also become more powerful and easily accessible when CRM and ERP are combined on a single platform.

I’m proud to announce that we have founded Rootstock Japan, and we are here to support your Cloud ERP solution needs. We can help you tailor and quickly install Cloud ERP – at one third the cost of your current system. We will also continue to work with our partners and system integrators to continually develop a more robust solution as your company grows and changes.

If you’d like to read more about the opening of our Rootstock Japan office, check out our press release.