Cloud ERP Resources For Manufacturers and DistributorsRootstock Software is dedicated to helping our customers succeed. An important part of that mission is providing useful and timely Cloud ERP resources for manufacturers and distributors.

This article describes just a few of the key resources available on our website that can help you learn more about Cloud ERP.

50 Ways to Get ROI From Cloud ERP

Rootstock understands that getting the highest ROI from your technology investment is job one. This paper gives you 50 ways that you can get that all-important ROI from your Cloud ERP investment, and covers the following areas:

  • How to improve manufacturing, inventory management and supply chain.
  • How to integrate financial management.
  • How to enhance customer service and satisfaction.
  • How to improve it efficiency and effectiveness.
  • How to attract and enable a modern workforce.

Read the paper here: 50 Ways To Get ROI From Cloud ERP

The Value of the Cloud for Manufacturing ERP

Are you still wondering how the cloud can bring value to your organization? This paper by Nucleus Research will answer your questions in the following topics:

  • What are the factors driving manufacturing ERP deployments to the cloud?
  • The main reasons manufacturers are migrating from on-premise ERP to Cloud ERP.
  • The key benefits manufacturers realize when they move from on-premise ERP to Cloud ERP.

Read it here: The Value of the Cloud for Manufacturing ERP by Nucleus Research

Gartner’s 2020 ERP Predicts: Unprecedented Changes in ERP Enable Transformation

In their new report, Gartner gives their predictions for ERP through 2025. The report describes how today’s cloud-based ERP solutions can give you quicker access to valuable innovations by using easy integration and built-in app ecosystems to expand, extend and customize your business benefits.

Read the report here: 2020 ERP Predicts: Unprecedented Changes in ERP Enable Transformation

Is Your ERP a Financial Drain? eBook

Are you losing money on your legacy ERP system? This 5 Point Checklist will help you quickly determine where your ERP system might be costing you significant amounts of money and resources.

Read the eBook here: Is Your ERP a Financial Drain? A Five Point Checklist

Cloud ERP for Dummies

Still new to Cloud ERP? This eBook will help you get started. It’s a quick read with focus on the following topics:

  • The limitations of legacy on-premise ERP and your basic ERP options in the cloud.
  • Why the cloud matters, and its many benefits.
  • The key elements of a successful ERP evaluation, from understanding your needs to cementing executive sponsorship.
  • Ten common mistakes you want to avoid during Cloud ERP selection and implementation.

Read it here: Cloud ERP for Dummies – Rootstock Manufacturing Edition

2020 Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide

If you’re considering replacing your legacy ERP system with a cloud-based ERP solution, then this Evaluation Guide is for you. Topics include:

How to recognize the signs that your existing ERP solution needs to be replaced.

How to choose a new Cloud ERP system with long-term potential.

Learn the new requirements that today’s Cloud ERP solutions must support.

Read the guide here: The Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide for Manufacturers