Finding the Elusive 360-Degree Customer View

A new report by research and advisory firm MintJutras describes how Rootstock Cloud ERP + Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud helps manufacturers achieve a 360° customer view.

Manufacturers know that attracting and retaining customers whose demands constantly change is one of their biggest challenge. These companies need more visibility into their customers’ behavior in order to produce accurate forecasts for efficient sales and operations planning. What they’re really looking for is a 360° view of their customers.

Yet in spite of widespread use of CRM systems to manage customer relationships, sales and operations are often at odds with each other. The result of this disconnect is inaccurate forecasting and poor demand planning. There is no 360° customer view.

Enter Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud and Rootstock Cloud ERP. Manufacturing Cloud introduces sales agreements and account-based forecasting to enable manufacturers to strategically plan to meet customer commitments and improve their reaction to changes in markets.

The MintJutras Report

A new report “Rootstock Delivers On the Value Proposition of the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud,” by Cindy Jutras of analysis and research firm MintJutras, describes how manufacturers can combine Manufacturing Cloud with Rootstock’s 360° Sales and Operations Planning engine to gain a significant advantage in achieving that all-important 360° customer view.

The report talks about how Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud helps sales contribute directly to sales and operations planning, and how Rootstock Cloud ERP completes the loop by allowing manufacturing firms to create more precise production and supply chain plans.

According to Ms. Jutras, accurate forecasts are the key to manufacturing speed and agility. But forecasting only goes so far without the ability to compare forecasted quantities with actual sales, information that remains in the realm of ERP. CRM on the sales side and ERP on the manufacturing side must be integrated to achieve continual improvement in forecasting accuracy.

Because Rootstock Cloud ERP is 100% native to the Salesforce Cloud Platform, manufacturers can enjoy seamless integration with Manufacturing Cloud.

The report also describes how AI technologies like Salesforce Einstein offer new capabilities such as predictive analytics. Manufacturers using Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud with Rootstock Cloud ERP are well-positioned to take advantage of those new technologies.

Read the report here.