“Rootstock has secured an edge for itself over its competitors by building a broad and deep end-to-end functional cloud ERP solution” – Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan Analysis Praises Rootstock Cloud ERP

It is always gratifying when a respected research firm such as Frost & Sullivan acknowledges not only are you building a company correctly but that your company is the best in the industry. We thought that you might be interested in why Frost & Sullivan analysis confirms that “Rootstock’s cloud ERP properly addresses the complexities challenging the growth of the North American medical device industry. Other companies have not been able to build a functional product similar to that of Rootstock’s cloud ERP within the same time frame that Rootstock has achieved.”

“Rootstock has secured an edge for itself over its competitors by leveraging its strong technical expertise and years of manufacturing experience to build a broad and deep end-to-end functional cloud ERP solution in a short time frame,” reports Sankara Narayanan, Frost & Sullivan Senior Analyst. “This solution supports requirements for multiple modes of manufacturing and enables real-time management of manufacturing for customers of all sizes and types. As the largest product footprint among ISV products on the Salesforce.com platform, Rootstock’s cloud ERP solution possesses the functionality required to replace more than 25 legacy ERP products. With its strong overall performance, Rootstock has earned the 2016 Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award.”

“Rootstock’s single system provides insight, control, visibility and support for each step of the manufacturing value chain across global operations, whereby its customers can handle multiple sites and efficiently operate and grow their businesses,” the Frost & Sullivan Report continues.

According to the research firm, “some of the elite medical device manufacturers that have enjoyed valuable benefits by deploying Rootstock’s cloud ERP are Mevion Medical Systems (a leading global provider of proton therapy systems for cancer treatment), RS Medical, and Summit Imaging. With high customer satisfaction and one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry, Frost & Sullivan expects Rootstock to strengthen its position further in the medical device industry in the coming years.”

To determine the top Cloud ERP, Frost & Sullivan analysts independently evaluated two key factors—Technology Leverage and Business Impact. The research company analyzed Rootstock and its two leading cloud ERP competitors. Rootstock’s overall average was 9.5 out of a perfect 10. The two competitors had scores of only 8.0 and 7.0.

Analyzing the Market

The North American medical device industry, similar to other industries, is looking to reduce incurred operational/ownership costs, improve financial performance, increase market share and productivity, record rapid revenue growth, and transform and accelerate businesses with changing demand and increasing competition. Companies competing in the global space face the challenges of managing manufacturing processes in real time, evaluating and managing risk from outsourced services, understanding uncertainty, and mitigating risks in their operations because of their presence in multiple sites. Companies worldwide come in all shapes and sizes (both in terms of users and sites) – which is only becoming more and more complex with every passing day. Frost & Sullivan notes that the aforementioned challenges call for visibility, execution, and control across global operations so that organizations can have insight into each stage of the manufacturing value chain.

With this as background, Frost & Sullivan says, “Committed to maximizing the value proposition, Rootstock has developed one of the most versatile and easily configurable cloud ERP solutions for its customers that operate in the fast-changing and regulated medical device industry. What largely differentiates Rootstock from its other competitors is that its cloud ERP supports the requirements for many modes of manufacturing – such as build-to-order ERP, build-to-stock ERP, engineer-to-order ERP, configure-to-order ERP, and project-based ERP (or hybrid ERP).

“Rootstock offers its customers a massive number of features and functionalities in its cloud ERP, including sales order management, purchase order management, production engineering, product lifecycle management (PLM) integration, inventory control, lot and serial control, material requirements planning (MRP), scheduling and capacity planning, shop floor control, manufacturing cost control (either standard cost or actual cost), project control and a suite of accounting apps (accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger) in addition to the full support of multi-company, multi-division and multi-site enterprise requirements in both operations and accounting apps. Through one reliable enterprise system built with extensive modules, Rootstock truly addresses all of the different needs and constraints of its customers (big and small). Its cloud ERP easily adjusts to any established as well as changing business processes so that its manufacturing customers can efficiently operate and grow their businesses.”

In its analysis, Frost & Sullivan also recognized Rootstock’s tight partnership with Rootstock and its relationship with other Salesforce partners. They said, “Unique and perfectly designed to address customer requirements from different industry backgrounds, Rootstock’s offering is available exclusively on Salesforce.com Salesforce Platform (100% Force.com native ERP software) and available through Salesforce.com’s AppExchange, where its manufacturing apps integrate out of the box with native sales and accounting apps by Salesforce.com (Sales Cloud), Avalara, Propel, Arena, Revenova, ComplianceQuest and ZenKraft Limited.” As readers of this blog know, Rootstock has been working with these companies to create a best of breed suite for Salesforce users to make implementations and software results even better.

Soft Factors Also Highlighted

In the report, Frost & Sullivan acknowledged that “with 70 percent year-over-year revenue growth and a positive cash flow, Rootstock has become a trusted partner with a significant and proven track record of maintaining long-term customer relationships.” The research firm confirmed “that one of the primary factors contributing towards Rootstock’s success as well as towards the design, development and architecture of its cloud ERP is the company’s highly efficient resource pool of manufacturing and software experts…Rootstock significantly invests in research and development (R&D) on a continuous basis to enable technological improvements.

The research firm reports that “Rootstock’s niche technology advisory board comprises ERP thought leaders, engineers, consultants and pioneers who have extensive experience, from industry heavy weights such as GM, IBM, Baan Software and SAP America. With such a deep domain expertise, Rootstock’s team has a complete understanding of every aspect of its customers’ application and business processes, which help devise and quickly implement a model that works for their organizations – without disrupting their operations.”

We hope you, too, are as excited to learn about Frost & Sullivan’s opinions as we were.