How Rootstock Cloud ERP Helped Two Companies Succeed

Two Companies Limited By Manual Processes

On the surface, the two companies Summit Imaging and Equipter don’t seem to have a lot in common. Summit Imaging repairs ultrasound and mammography equipment while Equipter manufacturers specialized construction equipment for roofing contractors.

If you look past their differences, however, you will see two firms who both wanted to expand but were limited by inefficient manual processes. You will also see two companies who chose Rootstock Cloud ERP to replace their manual processes with streamlined automation and successfully remove obstacles to growth.

Before they implemented Rootstock Cloud ERP, Summit Imaging had no automated repair processes. They relied on three separate and disconnected databases – a Microsoft Access database to keep track of their inventory of replacement parts, Salesforce CRM for sales and QuickBooks for financials – and manual processes to make use of that data. They had no real-time visibility into any of their critical business data, including the all-important repair records, which they still recorded on paper.

Equipter didn’t even have a database for their manufacturing data. They stored all of that information on a series of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and then had to manually slog through the spreadsheets to find, copy and paste the data somewhere else. Equipter did use Salesforce CRM on their sales front end, but then they had to copy and paste CRM data into their accounting system.

Rootstock Cloud ERP Provides the Solution

In both companies, Rootstock Cloud ERP provided a solution that freed them from time-consuming manual processes and gave them real-time visibility into their critical business data and the entire enterprise.

Rootstock Cloud ERP enabled Summit Imaging to not only replace three disconnected sources of data with a single database, but to also automate engineering, inventory control and capacity planning. The company now enjoys real-time visibility into all of their data, especially their repair work orders, making that central process so much more efficient.

Equipter has also benefited from Rootstock’s automation and 360-degree view of all of their data. They happily said goodbye to their messy spreadsheets and now enjoy automated management for everything from sales orders and purchasing to MRP, inventory, engineering, shop floor management and project control. Rootstock’s MRP and inventory control have been especially valuable to Equipter.

For both Summit Imaging and Equipter, a lack of automation and real-time visibility were hampering growth. Thanks to Rootstock Cloud ERP, both companies have successfully removed these obstacles and are poised to expand their businesses.

At Rootstock Software, we only succeed when our customers succeed. Summit Imaging and Equipter are just two of our latest customer success stories. To learn more about how these two different companies successfully put Rootstock Cloud ERP to work for them, click the following links:

Whether you’re a manufacturing firm or a company that repairs specialized equipment, Rootstock Cloud ERP can deliver a solution that’s just right for your business.