Introducing Rootstock WebinettesWebinars have long been a great way to expand one’s knowledge of a subject without leaving the office, whether on-site or at home. Rootstock Software offers many webinars on subjects of particular interest to manufacturers, distributors and supply chains. Let’s face it, though – you don’t always have time to sit through an hour-long presentation.

That’s why we created webinettes. A webinette is a short, on-demand demo (typically 20 minutes or less) that showcases one of Rootstock’s many features. Webinettes are an ideal way to learn more about a specific Rootstock Cloud ERP capability, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to a longer webinar.

Watch the following webinettes and share them with your colleagues.

Make and Keep Order Promises

This 22-minute on-demand demo shows you how easy it is to make and keep order promises with Rootstock Cloud ERP. You will see how to:

  • View real-time available-to-promise information inside CRM.
  • Access recent order history, margins, and costs to produce accurate and profitable quotes.
  • Understand anticipated production and delivery dates to manage customer expectations.

Quote to Cash

This 18-minute on-demand demo shows you Rootstock’s Quote to Cash process, including how to:

  • Streamline and eliminate manual steps between sales and other departments.
  • Empower your sales team with all the information they need to sell and service customers.
  • Create sales orders from quotes with a click of a button.

Inventory Management

This 16-minute on-demand demo shows you how Rootstock Cloud ERP effortlessly and precisely manages inventory and costing across operations, including how to:

  • Track inventory in real time across multiple sites and locations within sites.
  • Manage inventory by lot and serial numbers for complete traceability.
  • Drill down to detailed information about every item in inventory, including forecasts, planned requisitions, inspections and more.

Production Planning

This 8-minute on-demand demo shows you how Rootstock’s automated production planning uses work orders and scheduling together. You’ll see how to:

  • Drill down into sales orders to see when purchased items are required and parts are available.
  • View day-to-day work center capacity across multiple divisions.
  • Level loads by simply dragging work order operations from one day to another.

Collaborative Sales & Operations Planning

This 15-minute webinette shows you how Rootstock Cloud ERP works with the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud to enable collaborative Sales & Operations Planning for manufacturers, including how to:

  • Use sales agreements to drive account transparency and develop unified sales forecasts.
  • Combine sales agreements and account-based forecasting for more precise production and supply chain planning.

We’re adding new webinettes all the time. You can find them all on our Resources > Videos page at