It’s Customer Service Best Practices for Manufacturers Month at RootstockGiving your customers the best service is just as important as giving them the best products. But customers have been expecting more when it comes to service, and they are increasingly willing to pay for it. Just as you value Amazon’s overnight shipping, fast returns, and easy access to product information, your manufacturing customers value your service as much as your products. The benefits customers realize from real-time data, flexible support channels, and responsive customer service has become a competitive differentiator for many manufacturers.

So how can you modernize, streamline, and improve your customer service efforts, all at the same time? We’ve turned the entire month of March into Customer Service Best Practices for Manufacturers month at Rootstock to show you! See the schedule or just register now.

Customer Service for Manufacturing All Month Long

Managing your operations is critical to manufacturing success. But once your products are out the door, it’s up to your customer service teams and processes to ensure your customers stay happy. It’s a data challenge as much as a human one, and they are both solved with fast and easy access to the information your customers expect and your customer service teams need.

Transforming your customer service efforts requires responsiveness, accuracy, and connectivity between your operations, order, warranty, customer, financial, and other data. So, over the next 4 weeks, we’re offering free demos to drill down on all of these areas, and more. Here’s the schedule:

  • March 4: Keys to Fast Customer Call Responses
  • March 11: Managing Product Support History
  • March 18: Managing RMAs/Warranties
  • March 25: Invoicing, Credit, & Cash Collection

Click here to register once for all four demos. You’ll learn how Rootstock Cloud ERP combines with Salesforce so you can deliver world-class customer service.

A Complete Manufacturing Platform for Better Customer Service

Salesforce brings unmatched sales, customer management, and service capabilities together to instantly connect the dots so you can give customers the best possible service. It provides complete access to case data for a 360-degree view of customer information, shows case histories, and helps reps answer questions with more accuracy, drive customers to the appropriate resolution, and resolve cases faster. Salesforce even adds automation to eliminate tedious and manual, error-prone tasks, scale teams to do more, and maximize customer service productivity.

The Salesforce platform also adds cloud-based power and modern tools for adding omni-channel customer services options across chat, email, social, mobile, and more. And, it provides management dashboards to monitor performance, track important KPIs, and consistently improve your customer service efforts.

But customers also expect your customer service reps to have all their information, instantly. They don’t want to be put on hold, transferred between reps, or wait days for an email reply. So, it’s important to have customer service and operations on the same platform.

Rootstock is built on the Salesforce platform, which makes your product, operations, manufacturing, and customer data easily accessible. Combined, they give you everything you need to deliver great service to your manufacturing customers. With Rootstock and Salesforce, when your customers ask, “Where’s my order?” or “What’s my warranty?”, your customer service team will have all the answers right at their fingertips.

March Means Manufacturing Customer Service

We want your customer service efforts to set you apart from the competition. That’s why we’re devoting an entire month to help. By the time April rolls around, you’ll know how Rootstock and Salesforce give you everything you need to deliver world-class customer service.

Join us for these four manufacturing-specific customer service demos during the month of March. Just click here to register.