Manufacturers Find Pot of Gold at the End of the Cloud ERP Rainbow

With the coming of St. Patrick’s Day, we celebrate manufacturers who are using personalization to provide those holiday-themed products we know so well. When the parade passes by and marchers are all wearing the green, remember that it’s Cloud ERP that makes all those specialty items possible.

Green-colored products have become a common sight on St. Patrick’s Day. People wear green outfits and green hats adorned with holiday symbols, eat green bagels and drink green beer. They wear fun jewelry depicting four-leaf clovers, pots of gold and leprechauns. The City of Chicago even dyes their river green for the holiday.

But it’s not the patron saint of Ireland or even leprechauns that make these products available; it’s personalization in manufacturing. Personalization allows companies to efficiently plan and produce all those customized green products that are everywhere on St. Patrick’s Day.

Clothing manufacturers can use Cloud ERP software to make sure they can quickly and easily produce green fabric and green outfits. Dye manufacturers use Cloud ERP to make sure they have plenty of materials available for the holiday. Imagine how much of that secret orange powder is needed to color the entire Chicago River green (yes, it’s orange!).

If you’re attending a parade, you might want to buy a green hat with your name on it. Or maybe your group is marching in the parade and you’re in charge of ordering personalized outfits and jewelry. Many parents buy their children holiday-themed toys.

But it’s not the luck of the Irish that makes all those custom products possible; it’s Cloud ERP. By improving speed and agility in the manufacturing process, Cloud ERP lets companies produce the personalized products we associate so closely with St. Patrick’s Day.

So this St. Patrick’s Day, raise a glass of green beer or a green milkshake to personalization in manufacturing. Cloud ERP really is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.