Building a Modern Manufacturing ERP Solution

Matouk & Co. Inc.,is a world renowned textile manufacturer, producing high-end bed and bath linens. Their headquarters, located in Fall River, Massachusetts, is a world-class facility featuring a solar energy system, advanced production technologies, and an environment committed to promoting the health and well being of their employees. At Matouk old world techniques live hand-in-hand with state of the art tools and production philosophies.

When Matouk was transitioning to they realized that, like many companies, they had a unique opportunity to take advantage of the Salesforce ecosystem to build a true best of breed solution. Through their evaluation process they chose Rootstock Cloud ERP as their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Prior to Salesforce, they were using legacy desktop software for their Pick and Pack stations. While this could generate their FedEx labels it couldn’t connect to Rootstock. Matouk fulfils 5,000 orders a month via FedEx alone, so a high level of automation was important.

The Zenkraft Solution

Zenkraft was identified as the leading shipping service provider. It was recommended that Matouk utilize the Bulk Automation App and FedEx app. This would enable Matouk to:

  • Recreate and enhance the UI of the legacy Pick and Pack station software inside Salesforce.
  • Connect to existing hardware devices including printers, scanners and scales.

In additional to shipping labels, the Zenkraft solution was able to generate custom documentation including:

  • Content packing slips printed using thermal printers.
  • A PDF Packing Slip for each package.
  • A PDF Master Packing document after a shipping session was completed.
  • Custom FedEx shipping labels to include Sales Order Number and Total Weight in the DocTab.

Zenkraft’s Automation App enabled browser-to-peripheral connectivity so that barcode scans could be recognized and auto-packed. This workflow obtained the product weight for the containers from the scales without extra user interaction. Utilising the Rootstock API to update the status of the order and the order items at various stages of the Pick and Pack and Ship process. This included the ability to create full and partial shipments.

As a result of the implementation, Matouk fully transitioned to Salesforce, with full visibility of their inventory, order data and their FedEx packages.

In the future, Matouk plans to integrate with Zenkraft’s UPS app and other niche carriers that are used for occasional shipping.