Your business runs in the real world. So, you have real challenges and a real need to synchronize every aspect of your business, from sales to service, and everything in between. Sales runs on Salesforce to close new customer deals, and so does Customer Service to keep those customers happy.

But what about that in between?

Watch our new 4-minute product demo video to see how Rootstock handles everything after sales and before service and does it all on the Salesforce cloud platform.

Once your team makes a sale, your work is just beginning. An order has to be created and processed, parts need to be in inventory, production has to make room on the schedule, and everyone wants to be paid – especially you. Rootstock lets you manage your end-to-end business to ensure orders get delivered and customers stay happy. This short demo video explains how it all works on the Salesforce platform to keep your teams connected, in sync, and on track.

Watch this product demo video to see Rootstock in action.

You’ll also learn how Rootstock adds flexibility to conform to how you do business. Even if you sell complex products with recurring service plans and warranties, Rootstock gives you the low-code capabilities to adapt to your business and processes without burdening IT. And, you’ll see how Rootstock supports every team from Sales to Service, with solutions for Engineering and Supply Chain, through Procurement and Production, on to Inventory and Finance. Along the way, everything and everyone stays connected because Rootstock is built on the Salesforce platform and sharing the same data.

Are you a manufacturer, distributor, or another business working every day to deliver value to your customers? Rootstock gives you complete visibility across your entire business. This short video will show you how.

Learn how Rootstock helps you deliver value to every customer.