Northeast Lantern Removes Obstacles to Growth with Rootstock Cloud ERP

Customer Case Study: How Northeast Lantern Successfully Replaced Spreadsheets with Cloud ERP

Northeast Lantern is a small manufacturer in New Hampshire that manufactures and sells high-quality lighting fixtures. The company’s products can be customized in many different ways, and 20% of the products made are custom pieces. For years the company relied on an informal system of spreadsheets to try to manage their engineering data and had no real inventory control system at all.

Our new case study, Northeast Lantern: From Spreadsheets to Cloud ERP, reveals how Northeast Lantern replaced many time-consuming manual tasks with automated processing, and discarded confusing spreadsheets of information in favor a single view of all their data.

In business since 1987, Northeast Lantern eventually grew to become a 3.5-million-dollar company. However, the use of spreadsheets and the lack of inventory control had become obstacles to further growth.

With so much customization, the company had thousands of parts to maintain in inventory. The spreadsheets used to maintain engineering data were filled with duplications, errors and omissions, resulting in inefficient and costly production. Reporting was limited. The company realized that it needed to automate all of their manufacturing processes, especially engineering management and inventory control.

The company knew it was time for a modern ERP solution. They chose Rootstock Cloud ERP.

The Results of Implementing Rootstock Cloud ERP

Since implementing Rootstock Cloud ERP, Northeast Lantern has been able to automate:

  • Sales order processing;
  • Engineering management;
  • Shop floor control;
  • Scheduling and capacity planning;
  • Inventory transaction management;
  • Purchasing;
  • Requisitions.

Rootstock runs on the Salesforce Cloud Platform, and this was a factor in the company’s selection process. Northeast Lantern uses the Rootstock Community, our customer portal built on Salesforce’s social features, and sees potential in the ability to integrate with other apps on the Salesforce AppExchange.

In the case study, you can also read how the increased visibility of their data in a single database has helped Northeast Lantern improve their reporting and customer service, and how their employees have reacted to the new system. Company executives also share their future plans

Thanks to Rootstock Cloud ERP, Northeast Lantern has replaced its outdated, inefficient spreadsheets and costly manual processes with a modern and efficient Cloud ERP system. The obstacles that prevented the company’s growth have been removed.

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