Rooted·In was amazing! There’s just no other word to describe Rootstock’s first-ever customer conference, which we recently held in Austin, Texas at Hotel Van Zandt. It was a great opportunity to get together with our customers, learn and share best practices, and really focus our conversations on the Manufacturing and ERP space.

During the three-day event, Rootstock customers and partners interacted and engaged with each other, participated in keynotes with industry experts, learned new techniques during deep-dive breakout sessions, and had plenty of fun networking and enjoying Austin’s great food and music.

Rooted·In had more than 25 sessions on the schedule, plus our opening night “Welcome to Rooted·In Party.” Given the smiles all around, we’d have to say that a fantastic time was had by all the Rootstock customers, executives, and product experts on hand.

So, what did everyone take away from Rooted·In? And what did attendees think of this first-ever event? We sat down with David Stephans, Rootstock’s President, to get his thoughts on Rooted·In.

What did you see as the highlights of Rooted·In?

Bringing Rootstock customers together again, in person, after being remote and separated for the last two-plus years of the pandemic was the biggest highlight of Rooted·In. These customers eagerly shared their firsthand experiences on so many different topics and we all learned a ton from each other in the process. Of course, Spot, the robot from Rootstock customer Boston Dynamics, absolutely stole the show, but it was the people that made Rooted·In special.

You delivered the keynote to kick off Rooted·In. What was the theme?

The key theme was for customers to take the time to listen, learn from, and share with each other during Rooted·In. We had a ton of great content prepared, and the response was incredibly positive. I also asked them to connect with each other and share experiences, since this was our first time together in quite a while. Finally, I just encouraged them to enjoy themselves, and enjoy what Austin had to offer since, for most attendees, this was the first in-person event they—and most of us, too—had attended since the beginning of the pandemic.

What were some of the new product announcements shared by Rootstock?

There were so many great product initiatives shared with customers at Rooted·In, ranging from new platform features like AI and Bots designed for customer and supply chain engagement automation to expanded capabilities for mobile solutions. We had so many new feature improvements, too, like enhanced Vendor RFQs as well as new financial analytics tools. The response from Rootstock customers was just fantastic.

Rooted·In is a new event for Rootstock. Did it meet your expectations?

Even though I was involved with our phenomenal team that put this great event together and knew what we had planned, Rooted·In still blew me away. The engagement was better than I had imagined, and the customer feedback was incredible! Rootstock has the best customers, truly, and it really was rewarding for all of us on the Rootstock team to see them again in person.

What did your customers and partners think of Rooted·In?

Over and over, I just heard very positive, supportive remarks from Rootstock customers and partners. We captured a few of their comments so let’s just let them speak for themselves.

  • Matt from Beta Bionics said, “I could leave today, and this event would have been worth it. In fact, I could have left before lunch, and it would have been worth it! Why? The connections!
  • Andrew from BACA Systems remarked, “Just finished an awesome few days of getting to connect with the entire Rootstock team and all of the other customers, sharing best practices and learning about the future of native ERP on the Salesforce Platform.”
  • Ohad from Praxis commented, “What a great event this was! I truly enjoyed networking with customers and other partners and learning about all the awesome things coming soon!
  • Ryan from Teys said, “Thank you for a great conference. The team and I gained valuable insights and ideas for us to create and do more with this powerful platform.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who attended Rooted·In. Your commitment to Rootstock, and your engagement with everyone at Rooted·In, made it the special event that it was. Above all, it was great to be back together in person with you all and we can’t wait to do it again.

Want to relive the Rooted·In experience? Check out our wrap up video and download the session PDFs on the Rootstock Community.

Who’s in for Rooted·In 2023?