The ERP market continues to show impressive growth, especially given the move away from multi-million-dollar on-premises deployments and to fast, flexible, and highly capable cloud-based ERP projects. It’s almost shocking to see predicted ERP market growth rates of 10% annually as manufacturers take advantage of affordable ERP technology that’s a couple of zeros less costly than legacy solutions. But that reflects the massive demand.

Well, it might be shocking to some but not to us. We’ve seen the interest in modern cloud-based ERP software go from simply aggressive to skyrocketing during the pandemic. Now, as continued supply chain woes, workforce strains, and economic disruptions squeeze manufacturers from all sides, those businesses are looking for even more speed, agility, and flexibility to stay out in front of competitors and exceed customers’ increasing demands.

Many manufacturers are moving from decades-old ERP software or are up-leveling from rigid or limited solutions they’ve lived with for years but have finally outgrown. Obviously, their first step is to research what’s out there and how they should set their own expectations of what’s possible. That’s why we focus on educational and informative content here on the Rootstock Cloud ERP Blog. Sure, there’s some news, but we lean towards helping manufacturers with best practices, primers for manufacturing subsegments, and detailed case studies to show how your manufacturing peers are modernizing operations.

A Best ERP Blog? You’re Reading It!

Given this market growth, the critical need for manufacturers to modernize, and a thirst for current, relevant information on cloud-based ERP, we couldn’t be more thrilled to share that we’ve been named a “Best Vendor Blog by Softwarepath!

Softwarepath is an online tool for helping businesses research and compare software solutions. They recognize that, with thousands of available ERP blogs, someone needs to whittle down the options so manufacturers can quickly find relevant, helpful information on ERP modernization.

To select winners for their ERP blog awards, Softwarepath looked at:

  • the frequency of blog posts,
  • whether the content was original and insightful,
  • if the posts were readable and easy to understand, and
  • the blog’s presentation and layout.

In announcing the winners, Software path stated: “Rootstock’s team share their manufacturing ERP expertise, posting frequent insights on aspects of strategy, trends, and implementation tips for manufacturers. We particularly like the layout and readability of the blog!

Keep Coming Back to the Rootstock Cloud ERP Blog

We’ll keep working to provide you with intelligent, informative, and relevant information to help you navigate the cloud ERP market and ease your journey to a configurable, scalable, and adaptable ERP solution. If you want to learn more about Rootstock solutions, we have plenty of that content, too. Or, if you need more, we can provide you with a one-on-one product demonstration or just answer your questions.

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In the meantime, check back frequently to the Rootstock Cloud ERP Blog. You won’t be disappointed!