The Rootstock Summer ’20 release brings a fresh set of new features that will be very important to our customers, especially during these challenging times. Coming on the coattails of the much anticipated Salesforce Summer ’20 platform release, Rootstock Summer ’20 takes advantage of the new capabilities in the latest platform release. So, what can you expect in this new release?

1) New and Improved Rootstock Cloud ERP

We have added some new features that extend the robust ERP functionality to help small and large enterprises expand their operations on a global scale, growth that would make it necessary to address additional costs such as freight, import duties, and managing inventory in containers. Some of these features are listed below:

  • Freight & Landed Costs will enable the accumulation of inbound freight and other landed costs, define the method of allocating the cost, and capitalize the apportioned share of cost to the inventory items when received. Additional Cost Components of “Freight” and “Other Landed Costs” will be added to the Inventory Cost records in Rootstock to capture the allocations.
  • License Plate Numbering will provide improved efficiency and accuracy in the warehouse by processing a group of items with a single scan of the transaction. The Inventory Container (LPN) can be a pallet, case, master carton, box, tote, barrel, shipping container, or a virtual collection of items and inherits a unique identifier License Plate Number (LPN) for identification.
  • MRP can be run on Heroku for faster processing speed.
  • High Volume Platform Events support to perform parallel processing of multiple API (SYDATA) transactions, which will increase overall processing speed.

2) Rootstock Financials expands with brand new capabilities

Many enterprises today rely on Rootstock Financials to manage their day-to-day financial operations that include complex multi-currency and regulatory compliance needs, and we are committed to the constant improvement of our Financials based on customer feedback. Rootstock Financials will continue to provide an end-to-end offering with Rootstock ERP to help enterprises manage all cost and revenue-related transactions.

  • Rootstock Financial Analytics, with drill-down capabilities in financial statements such as Trial Balance, Income Statement, and Balance Sheet.
  • Fixed Assets Management, with multiple depreciation methods.
  • Bank Reconciliation, used to reconcile the bank statement to the company’s corresponding accounts.
  • Specific localization needs are now addressed with enhancements, including Withholding Tax and VAT requirements.
  • Multi-Currency consolidations make it easier to manage global financial transactions between multiple countries.

3) UI Renovation has begun with Lightning and Flows

We are enhancing Rootstock UI to take advantage of new platform capabilities that allow us to deliver delightful user experiences in the product. We have invested in building the Rootstock Lightning Toolkit to provide accelerators that will not only help us accelerate speed up the UI migration from Classic to Lightning, but these capabilities are also available for customers to create their own Lightning Experiences with custom objects that extend Rootstock core capabilities. These capabilities, along with other platform features like such as Flows, will now help customers to configure and build their own experiences. This is a big part of our effort to deliver a Low Code Software that is highly configurable and adaptable at a lower cost for our customers.

4) Enterprise Mobility with Rootstock Mobile

Welcome to Rootstock Anytime, Anywhere, and on Any iOS or Android device! We are now bringing the robust core to the edge. When things move fast in business, transactions need to happen close to where they occur – in the field, on the shop floor, in the warehouse. With Rootstock Mobile, we have now brought the robustness of Rootstock ERP to Salesforce Mobile. With ERP in the user’s pocket, Purchase Receipts, Work Order Receipts, and Pick, Pack and Ship for Sales Orders are all a breeze now by using the camera in mobile devices to scan Bar Codes and QR Codes.

5) Formatted Document Templates with Rootforms

We understand that your documents (Invoices, Receipts, Order Acknowledgements, etc.) need to look professional with accurate information from Rootstock ERP. Rootforms allows you to seamlessly produce those documents in PDF or printed form so that they become an integral part of your digital core. We have invested in Rootforms to provide you the flexibility to create your own Word templates customized with your logo and other formatting needs.

As you can see, we have been busy this year to deliver value to our customers. You can find more details for Rootstock Summer ’20 in the release notes.

At Rootstock, we base our success directly on the success of our customers. We are working hard to deliver more innovations to help our customers succeed in driving more profitable growth. We look forward to receiving your feedback on this release so that we can continue to improve and enhance Rootstock ERP.

So, what’s in store for the future? There is a lot and perhaps a topic of a new blog. We look forward to the feedback from our customers to continuously improve on what we have delivered and continue to deliver breakthrough innovations with smaller additions.

To see Rootstock Cloud ERP in action, watch this informative 30 minute on-demand video.