Webinars have long been a great way to expand one’s knowledge of a subject without leaving the office, whether on-site or at home. Rootstock Software offers many webinars on subjects of particular interest to manufacturers, distributors, and supply chains. Let’s face it, though – you don’t always have time or the energy to sit through an hour-long presentation. We get it! That is why we introduced Rootstock Webinettes.

What Exactly is a Webinette?

A Webinette is really just a fancy term for a short, on-demand demo (typically 20 minutes or less), that showcases one of Rootstock’s many capabilities.

Why Did Rootstock Create Webinettes?

In today’s digital world, everyone wants to learn about products in different ways. Plus, the Pandemic has caused many of us to be “Zoomed” out. Webinettes get straight to the point of what you’re looking to discover in Rootstock Cloud ERP.

Looking to learn more about how Rootstock strikes that perfect balance between inventory management and customer demand? Watch the Inventory Webinette. Want to learn how to run your entire manufacturing operation from anywhere in the world? Check out the Mobile Webinette.

Visit Our Growing Library of Rootstock Webinettes

You can access all of Rootstock’s Webinettes on our new page, including our latest:

  • 360° View of Your Business – Learn how to see how Rootstock Cloud ERP, built on the Salesforce Platform, effortlessly delivers the much sought-after 360° view of your customers and business.
  • Production Planning – See how to automate the production planning process including how to use work orders and scheduling together to know when purchased items are required, parts are available, and more.
  • Rootstock Mobile – Learn how Rootstock Mobile helps everyone in your organization by giving them access to reporting, dashboards, AI-powered analytics, and much more.

We’re adding new Rootstock Webinettes all the time so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often.