It’s difficult to look forward with confidence. Economic news is less than positive, and the analysts are increasingly pointing towards on oncoming recession. It’s more of the same from the past three years: uncertainty.

But many manufacturers are still seeing some bright spots. Those with the insights to make more informed decisions have created workarounds to supply chain challenges and workforce shortages. They’ve used deep visibility into inventory, logistics, operations, financials, and other critical domains to see just a little bit further ahead than their competitors. They’ve moved beyond spreadsheets, email, and incomplete data to create a buffer against sudden market shifts, changing customer needs, and unforeseen vendor hiccups. They’ve also invested in tools to transform how their business works and gain more control over, well, how their business works.

How are these manufacturers outperforming their peers? They’ve modernized their ERP to grow and manage their business from a single platform and with a single view of the customer.

If you haven’t already modernized how you run your manufacturing business, can you afford to wait any longer?

Our new eBook, “Cloud ERP: You Can’t Afford to Wait”, details why many manufacturers have delayed their migration to a Cloud ERP system and what you’re risking by continuing to delay the modernization of the most crucial component of your technology infrastructure. You can use this eBook to develop your justification for further investigating the benefits of Cloud ERP for your manufacturing operations.

Complete Visibility for Enterprise Resource Planning

This eBook explains why visibility is so important to managing manufacturing operations. It seems obvious, but many manufacturers still struggle with paper- and spreadsheet-based processes or outdated systems to manage production planning, inventory management, customer service, sales order processing, supply chains, and more. Those antiquated tools hamstring your efforts to identify issues, develop solutions and new opportunities, and simply have the time make better strategic decisions based on timely, accurate data.

360° Customer View

What makes Cloud ERP different is its focus on the customer. With an ERP built on the trusted customer platform you already use, Salesforce, you can deploy an operations platform that revolves around your customer. It turns orders, delivery details, and accounts receivable into operational drivers for engineering, production, and more. Downstream, it connects production to sales for better financial control and gives customer service and field service that oh-so-valuable 360° view of the customer, from service level agreements (SLA) to products purchased to delivery estimates, and more. It all combines to help everyone across your business elevate the customer experience.

Operational Excellence

Real-time visibility and a comprehensive view of the customer is what Cloud ERP delivers so you can control operations more granularly. More information helps you plan work orders and schedules, alert stakeholders to anomalies and trends, and keep configuration, component, and assembly details up to date. Modern Cloud ERP even gives you the flexibility to empower production and field workers with customized experiences and purpose-built mobile apps.

Of course, visibility from sales through operations also enhances supply chain and procurement as demand can be instantly converted into accurate orders and better collaboration with suppliers. Using Salesforce also enables teams to connect directly with suppliers’ systems and provides portals to promote even tighter collaboration with customers and key vendors.

You Can’t Afford to Wait

Download “Cloud ERP: You Can’t Afford to Wait” today to learn more. You’re just a few weeks away from modernizing how your manufacturing business works. This eBook helps you justify why you can’t afford to wait any longer.