Tesla Energy Reacts to New CA Solar Panel Law

Live in California? You will soon see an uptick in the solar panel installation business.  California recently passed a new state law, starting in the year 2020, that will require all newly built homes to have rooftop solar panels. This legislation is good news for full-service residential solar installers and is a great opportunity for solar panel manufacturers like Tesla Energy’s SolarCity. 

With this opportunity looming, Tesla’s SolarCity business unit needed to make sure they had the right operational solutions in place to better manage their complex business, however they weren’t sure where to start.  To help solve this issue, analysts introduced Tesla to Rootstock, which runs on the Salesforce platform.  Rootstock’s cloud ERP solutions seemed like the ideal answer to Tesla Energy’s problem.

Rootstock provided Tesla with a cloud-based ERP solution, built on the Salesforce platform, that gave Tesla Energy a true end-to-end solution meeting all their manufacturing needs. This allowed Tesla to perform seamlessly from marketing, to accounting, to forecast and planning, to product formulations and production, in real-time all on the Salesforce platform.  Rootstock provided an environment that allowed for scalability, security, single database management, chatter, workflows and more.

Once the Rootstock cloud ERP was fully integrated, Tesla Energy had the ability to access data on demand, gain important business intelligence and use this information to coordinate and collaborate with every department at every step in the supply chain and stay ahead of the competition.

Driving Success with Rootstock Cloud ERP

In the webinar “Driving Success at Tesla Energy with Rootstock …” Aaron Sanders, Associate Manager Solar Supply Chain at Tesla Energy/SolarCity shared his insights into the success they realized from the solutions supplied by Rootstock ERP Software and the Salesforce AppExchange.

During the webinar, Sanders provided insights into what happened when Tesla chose Rootstock’s ERP solution and how this drove their desired results. This candid look – from Tesla’s point of view – features background on how Rootstock designs, develops, sells and implements ERP software for companies in the manufacturing and distribution space. 

Tesla saw the following results after it began working with Rootstock:

  • Only 120 days from start to end of a successful pilot.
  • Reduced invoice processing from 330 hours a month to just five hours.
  • ROI reached into the millions in less than a year.
  • Key processes were automated and optimized.
  • Success from having an integrated solution that scales on demand.

Tesla Energy now has an operation poised to capture the emerging solar market with the right logistics and CRM flows already in place. The solar business is sure to heat up in California when the new solar panel law goes into effect. With Rootstock, Tesla Energy is poised to clean up big!