When it comes to leading the pack of manufacturing ERP solutions, having a seasoned expert like Joshua Tillotson on board is a game-changer for Rootstock’s customers. Holding the title of Manufacturing ERP Consultant, Josh is at the forefront of aiding companies in seamlessly integrating their processes into Rootstock’s manufacturing ERP. His role is not merely technical but strategic, focusing on optimizing business processes and ensuring that Rootstock becomes an invaluable asset for every customer.

Josh’s experience spans 17 years in executive roles overseeing ERP and IT for an ETO (engineer-to-order) manufacturing company, bringing a wealth of invaluable experience to Rootstock. His journey includes serving as a lead implementation consultant and heading his own ERP consulting business. This background makes him an ideal fit to uphold Rootstock’s commitment to providing its customers with comprehensive manufacturing solutions.

“Typically, I visit their fabrication facilities to observe their processes and conduct multiple Business Process Review sessions,” said Josh Tillotson. “During these sessions, I gather the necessary information to configure Rootstock to suit their company’s needs.”

What sets Josh apart is his enthusiasm for daily challenges and his commitment to streamlining operations. “Our objective is not only to replicate their processes but also to identify opportunities to optimize their business processes by leveraging best practices and Rootstock’s extensive functionality,” added Josh.

His focus on addressing the unique needs of Engineer-to-Order environments demonstrates his commitment to staying ahead of manufacturing trends. He is excited about contributing to advanced product development, particularly in areas like planning and scheduling, warehouse management, and barcode functionality.

Rootstock’s Manufacturing ERP, according to Josh, is a versatile toolset that excels in addressing any business process requirement. Josh advises, “In my assessment, the era of manufacturing companies relying on local servers and extensive in-house IT teams has come to an end. Prioritizing a cloud-first business system platform should be a paramount goal for executives in the coming years.”

Rootstock is excited to welcome Josh to the team as he brings not just technical expertise but a passion for problem-solving and a deep understanding of manufacturing intricacies to Rootstock. His commitment to customer engagement, innovation, and continuous improvement aligns seamlessly with Rootstock’s mission, making him an invaluable asset to both the company and its manufacturing customers. Welcome Josh!