What The Award Means

Recently, we announced that the prestigious research firm of Frost & Sullivan had presented us with the Technology Leadership Award for Cloud ERP for the Medical Devices Industry. Since then, we have had several inquiries on  what criteria Frost & Sullivan looked at to determine the winner of this award. Here was their thinking behind the decision.

To determine the technology leadership of a software solution, Frost & Sullivan indexes the three leading ERPs in the market (in this case, medical device manufacturing) on a scale of 0-10 according to their Technology Leverage and Business Impact. Then, an average of those two scores is calculated. In both categories, Rootstock’s cloud ERP was given a 9.5 for an average score of 9.5. Competitor 2 averaged 8.0 and Competitor 3 averaged 7.0. In other words, Rootstock won quite resoundingly.

Frost & Sullivan notes that “Rootstock has an impressive customer base throughout North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Some of the elite manufacturers that have enjoyed valuable benefits by deploying Rootstock’s cloud ERP are Mevion Medical Systems (a leading global provider of proton therapy systems for cancer treatments), RS Medical and Summit Imaging. With high customer satisfaction and one of the highest retention rates in the industry, Frost & Sullivan expects Rootstock to strengthen its position further in the medical device industry in coming years.”

The research company continues by saying, “This synchronized end-to-end ERP for manufacturing, distribution, project businesses and supply chain solutions cutting across functional silos, along with the largest product footprint among independent software vendor (ISV) products on the Salesforce platform (600 objects and 15,000 fields), can be deployed across multifarious industry verticals, where several manufacturers from diverse industries have clearly benefited from Rootstock’s cloud ERP solution.”

Getting More Specific

According to Frost & Sullivan, “Companies competing in the global space face the challenges of managing manufacturing processes in real time, evaluating and managing risk in the operations because of their presence in multiple sites…Leveraging its expertise in developing a technologically advanced, powerful cloud ERP, Frost & Sullivan analysis confirms that Rootstock’s cloud ERP properly addresses the complexities challenging the growth of the North American medical device industry. Other companies have not been able to build a functional product similar to that of Rootstock’s cloud ERP within the same time frame that Rootstock has achieved.”

Becoming even more specific, Frost & Sullivan reports, “Committed to maximizing the value proposition, Rootstock has developed one of the most versatile and easily configurable cloud ERP solutions for its customers that operate in the fast changing and regulated medical device industry. What largely differentiates Rootstock from its other competitors is that its cloud ERP supports the requirements for many modes of manufacturing, such as build to order ERP, build to stock ERP, engineer to order ERP, configure to order ERP and project based ERP (or hybrid ERP).”

They continue, “Rootstock offers its customers a massive number of features and functionalities…sales order management, purchase order management, production engineering, product lifecycle management (PLM), inventory control, lot and serial control, material requirements planning (MRP), scheduling and capacity planning, shop floor control, manufacturing cost control (either standard or actual cost), project control, and a suite of accounting apps…multi-company, multi-division and multi-site…Its cloud ERP easily adjusts to any established as well as changing business processes.”

The research firm also analyzed Rootstock’s business history, noting its 70 percent year over year revenue growth, its advisory board including industrial heavyweights from GM, IBM, Baan Software and SAP America, its growing channel strategy and escalating global reseller channel.

Recognizes Best-of-Breed Attributes of Salesforce Ecosystem

Frost & Sullivan notes that Rootstock cloud ERP, having been written 100 percent on the Force.com software, will easily integrate out of the box with other native sales and accounting apps available through the Salesforce AppExchange. Not only that, Rootstock has gone out of its way to create a best of breed relationship with the top companies within other Force.com written software categories. Special partnerships with Avalara, Propel, Arena, Revenova, ComplianceQuest and ZenKraft Limited cover needs in general accounting, cost accounting, and sales and customer service all the way to operations, the supply chain and product management. As Frost &Sullivan reports, “Rootstock has a deep operational model and a financial model supporting customers that are both business and manufacturing focused.”

Frost & Sullivan Concludes…

“Leveraging its strong technical expertise and years of manufacturing experience, Rootstock has secured an edge for itself over its competitors by building a broad and deep end-to-end functional cloud ERP solution in a short time frame. This solution supports requirements for multiple models of manufacturing and enables real time management of manufacturing for customers of all sizes and types. As the largest product footprint among ISV products on the Salesforce.com platform, Rootstock’s cloud ERP solution possesses the functionality required to replace more than 25 legacy ERP products. Rootstock’s single system provides insight, control, visibility and support for each step of the manufacturing value chain across global operations, whereby its customers can handle multiple sites and efficiently operate and grow their businesses.”