It’s summer, and you know what that means: ROAD TRIP!

You’ve been on road trips before, so you know the journey with friends or family means so much more than the destination. Those unforeseen detours, new places to explore, and expansive views – enjoyed and experienced together – are what makes a road trip such a rewarding adventure. On the other hand, you also know speeding past the interesting bits and avoiding at least some semblance of a plan is what separates an epic trek from a boring drive.

The same is true for your cloud ERP journey. The destination is the ultimate reward, but if you don’t pack the car with good food and great people, haven’t selected a doable route, or don’t know potential points of interest along the way, you’re in for a long, painful ordeal.

Your Cloud ERP Road Trip Itinerary

We’re here to guide your Summer ’21 Cloud ERP Road Trip! The itinerary includes stops to pull over and learn how to make your cloud ERP transformation a successful, rewarding, and dare we say, glorious quest. Best of all, we’ve made the last stop extra rewarding, so the journey and destination are equally awesome.

So, grab some snacks, fill your water bottle, throw on some tunes (road trip bonus: you’re in control of the music), and let’s hit the road!

🚩 Soak in the Majestic Views with a Cloud ERP Demo

For the first stop, take in a short, on-demand demonstration of Rootstock Cloud ERP. It’s built on the Salesforce platform, so you know it’s solid, connected, and a proven choice. This 4-minute demo provides a quick overview of who can benefit from Rootstock Cloud ERP, why it’s better because it’s built on the Salesforce platform, and how it works to connect every part of your business, from sales to service.

🚩 Pull Over for a Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide

Forget that relic of a paper road atlas stuffed under the seats and get a modern navigation system designed to guide you on your cloud ERP journey. The 2021 Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide provides tips and resources to kick your ERP evaluation process into high gear. It also includes a features and functions checklist to match cloud ERP vendors with your required capabilities, so you don’t stray too far from your target destination.

🚩 Take the Next Exit for Implementation Success

It’s easy to get sucked into those tantalizing stops that turn out to be tourist traps. Instead, learn how to pass those by and get to your destination with a winning cloud ERP implementation. The Four Critical Elements Needed to Guide Your Cloud ERP Implementation to Success makes sure you don’t get sidetracked along the way. This eBook, based on hundreds of successful cloud ERP implementations, helps you combine the right people, processes, data, and systems to get to your destination on time and on budget.

🏁 Arrive at Your Perfect Destination

After such an adventure, we went the extra mile to make sure the destination was perfect for you by automatically adding you to our drawing for the chance to win $500!

We’ll announce the winner of the $500 drawing on  August 19th.

Hit the Road

What are you waiting for? Charge up your Leaf or top off your Chevy, grab the Road Trip Bingo, and let’s hit the road. Remember, the journey is what makes the destination so special. As you follow our route, you’ll learn more about cloud ERP, better understand how to select and implement a solution that’s best for you, and have a more rewarding, more successful experience on the way and long into the future.

Enjoy your trip!