Deloitte Digital to Dazzle as Platinum Sponsor at Rooted-In Manufacturing Conference 

Rootstock Software is thrilled to welcome premier technology advisor aimed at amplifying its midmarket Salesforce practice at this must-attend manufacturing event

San Ramon, CA (February 28, 2024) – Rootstock Software is proud to announce that Deloitte Digital will serve as the Platinum Sponsor at its Rooted-In Manufacturing Conference, happening in New Orleans from March 25-27. Deloitte Digital’s participation shows its continued commitment to the midmarket Salesforce ecosystem. This must-attend manufacturing event aims to showcase “The Future of Manufacturing on the Salesforce Platform,” and it will gather manufacturing leaders, technology experts, and industry professionals at the forefront of innovation.

As the Platinum Sponsor, Deloitte Digital is set to contribute expertise to the conference by sharing valuable insights and thought leadership that will help shape the future of manufacturing technology.

“As manufacturers continue to drive digital transformation, they are laying the groundwork for resilience in the face of continued challenges, such as supply chain disruptions, skilled labor shortages, and the need to adequately leverage data,” said Camil Bourbeau, Partner at Deloitte Digital. “With significant investments being funneled into the manufacturing sector via government support, such as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and CHIPS & Science Act, the industry is poised for remarkable growth. At Deloitte Digital, we believe that leveraging AI in product design, supply chain management, and overcoming labor challenges can unlock unprecedented value for manufacturers. Our keynote will explore the synergies between Deloitte Digital, Rootstock Software, and Salesforce, offering a vision for our role as a strategic advisor to midsize manufacturers that are pursuing excellence.”

The conference will also feature a Deloitte Digital breakout session entitled, “Single Click Solutions: Integrating Multi-Subsidiary Warehouse and Accounting Operations,” led by Bruno Lalonde, Manager at Deloitte Digital, Patrick Leroux, CTO at Carmela Industries, and Sarah Charles, Manager, Energy, Resources, and Industrial Products at Deloitte Digital. This session will explore the transformative journey of Carmela Industries, an industrial equipment company that overhauled its inventory system within a year by adopting a unified platform facilitated by Deloitte and Rootstock. Attendees will learn about the challenges of managing inventory across multiple subsidiaries and how technological integration can streamline operations, enhance sales orders, and optimize delivery processes.

“We are honored to welcome Deloitte Digital as the Platinum Sponsor for our Rooted-In Manufacturing Conference,” said Matt Wolf, SVP of Global Alliances at Rootstock Software. “Their participation not only elevates the prestige of our event but also provides thought leadership and a unique vision for the industry. Deloitte Digital’s keynote and their breakout session, alongside our joint customer, Carmela Industries, exemplifies our collaborative efforts. This customer success story reflects the tangible impact our partnership provides by combining our leading ERP with Deloitte Digital’s premier consultancy. We look forward to sharing their digital transformation expertise with Rooted-In attendees.”

Deloitte Digital’s sponsorship of the Rooted-In Manufacturing Conference underscores its dedication to advancing the manufacturing industry. By collaborating closely with Rootstock Software and Salesforce, Deloitte Digital continues to empower manufacturers with the software, tools, and insights needed to navigate the complexities of today’s volatile market, reinforcing its position as a global leader in technology advisory and implementation services.


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Rootstock Software provides the leading Manufacturing Cloud ERP, which empowers hundreds of manufacturers to turbocharge their operations in today’s dynamic, post-pandemic world. Natively built on the Salesforce Platform, Rootstock delivers a future-proof solution. With it, manufacturers gain the agility to continually transform their business to meet evolving customer needs, navigate emerging challenges, and accelerate success. In addition, the “connectability” of Rootstock Cloud ERP gives manufacturers 360° visibility to collaborate with suppliers, trading partners, and the broader value chain. As Rootstock continues to grow, stay tuned to the company’s latest customers, career opportunities, and LinkedIn posts.

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