Halo Infusions Selects Rootstock Manufacturing ERP to Harvest Operational Cost Savings in a Competitive Cannabis Market 

Cannabis leader anticipates Cloud ERP will strengthen its supply chain coordination, inventory management, and production planning  

San Ramon, CA (December 12, 2023) – Rootstock Software, a recognized leader in the Manufacturing Cloud ERP space, today announced that Halo Infusions & Extractions, LLC (Halo Infusions) has selected Rootstock Manufacturing ERP to precisely track and control its operational costs in the rapid-evolving cannabis market. Halo Infusions has been a trailblazer in the market since its inception over a decade ago and has set the bar for quality in cannabis-infused products. Their brands include Aunt Ellies, Cannabliss, Canna Confections, Chronic Health, Canine CBD Therapy, and Pure & Simple.  

“We are thrilled to welcome Halo Infusions as our newest customer,” said Joe Massa, Chief Revenue Officer at Rootstock Software. “Halo Infusions has demonstrated remarkable innovation, particularly with its latest venture—the construction of Arizona’s largest infusion kitchen. This state-of-the-art facility is a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to quality and growth. Rootstock Manufacturing ERP has the operational capabilities that Halo Infusions needs to strive toward its goals and adapt with the dynamic cannabis landscape.”  

Distinguished as one of the first companies to secure a dispensary license in Arizona, Halo Infusions has continually diversified its offerings, particularly in the edible cannabis sector. Today, this market has significant barriers to entry, including limited available licenses and dominance by multi-state operators, which make it expensive and difficult to compete. Because of these challenges, many cannabis manufacturers have come and gone, leading to supply chain disruptions and consumer confusion as the products they once relied on no longer exist.  

“At Halo Infusions, our strategy is to deliver quality, consistency, and value for our customers,” said Murray Stein, CEO at Halo Infusions. “Toward these goals, Rootstock Manufacturing ERP will be pivotal in enabling us to achieve unparalleled cost control and optimized efficiency—essential elements to succeed in this competitive and complicated market.”  

Detailing the complexities of Halo Infusions’ operations, Stein added, “We have seven distinct production lines delivering a full suite of offerings. This requires us to balance a vast array of ingredients, products, and customer needs. The intricate nature of our operation requires meticulous tracking and comprehensive visibility. Implementing Rootstock will strengthen our supply chain coordination, inventory management, and production planning—the backbone of our operations—to ensure we stay ahead in the game.”  

After an extensive evaluation process, Halo Infusions chose Rootstock Manufacturing ERP from a handful of other ERP solutions and seed-to-sale platforms. “What set Rootstock apart was the fact that it’s a robust ERP built on the reliable Salesforce Platform. By comparison, many seed-to-sale solutions aren’t as sophisticated, don’t provide real-time visibility, and just aren’t as stable,” explained Stein.  

Halo Infusions’ selection was also influenced by the professionalism of Rootstock’s team and their preexisting familiarity with the cannabis industry. Stein added, “This meant we could dive right into discussions about our company’s specific needs as a cannabis manufacturer. The team had insightful questions and a keen interest in understanding our operations, which allowed for rapid alignment toward a mutual vision for leveraging their ERP. Furthermore, their solution capabilities can map directly to our processes in various departments, including quality control and customer care.” 

By adopting Rootstock, Halo Infusions will leverage advanced technology to gain a stronger position in the crowded cannabis market. “Selecting Rootstock marks a significant next step in our journey toward operational excellence and strategic expansion, especially as we begin to launch our white label operation,” concluded Stein.  

To better understand how Rootstock can help cannabis companies, visit our industry page for more information: https://www.rootstock.com/cloud-erp-solutions/cannabis-manufacturing/  

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