How Rootstock Interprets Gartner’s “Supply Chain Management Market Overview, 2021”

With Salesforce Providing the Rootstock Platform, Meeting Gartner’s Recommendations Is Easier

San Ramon, Calif. – December 8, 2021Rootstock Software, a worldwide provider of cloud ERP, supports Gartner’s finding that establishing an application strategy with the right mix of solutions to support a stable environments while, at the same time, being open to rapid innovation is the leading challenge supply chain technology leaders are facing.

“The ability to quickly deploy targeted solutions that are available on the Salesforce AppExchange is well understood by our customers,” notes Stu Johnson, Rootstock senior director, product marketing. “Since Rootstock is a Supply Chain ERP on the Salesforce Platform, we can clearly see the path to rapid innovation. Even with solutions not natively on the Salesforce Platform, its rapid integration middleware makes adoption easy.”

Other areas in which Rootstock agrees with Gartner are –

*Although the supply chain management (SCM) software market is mature, it is rapidly evolving against the background of digital transformation.

*When analyzing application characteristics – large scale suites to specialist niche providers – we suggest focusing on an underlying, open, architectural model, such as Salesforce.

*When undergoing the selection of your new solution – SaaS versus megasuite – evaluate platforms in the context of your actual supply chain maturity. When push comes to shove, Rootstock’s advice is to favor SaaS vendors that can quickly deploy into a heterogeneous application ecosystem.

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Rootstock Software is a worldwide provider of cloud ERP on the Salesforce Platform. When combined with Salesforce CRM, Rootstock Cloud ERP offers manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain organizations a single platform to grow and manage their businesses. Rootstock Cloud ERP is a flexible, modern, and digitally connected system that transforms companies to deliver a more personalized customer experience, efficiently scale operations, and out-service the competition.

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