Pacer Group Connecting with Rootstock Cloud ERP

“Today, we are knee deep in the process of installing Rootstock with a team that I am pleased is truly professional.”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 6, 2014 – Rootstock Software®, the leader in cloud manufacturing and supply chain applications, today announced that it is providing Pacer Group (Sarasota, Fla.), a leading wire and electrical cable manufacturer that offers custom electrical products, value-added solutions and parts distribution, with a Cloud Electronics ERP that provides the depth of manufacturing needed to run small lot, complex jobs that entail many changeovers while also providing increased distribution exposure.

“Our existing ERP system had become dated, being too cumbersome and difficult to use and not providing us with the depth of manufacturing that we needed,” reports John Swiatkowski, President, Pacer Group. “At the same time, we’re in that awkward size of a company in which it is inefficient to host an on-premise system but that needs the functionality and mobility which the Cloud provides. We wanted an ERP that would leverage our system and Rootstock became our choice after undergoing extensive research.”

According to Swiatkowski, provides Pacer Group with a very dynamic platform in which software providers such as Rootstock can concentrate on making the best products in their own categories. For instance, Pacer Group is using FinancialForce for its financials, Conga for document creating and other software suites intertwined with Rootstock that will provide more in-depth manufacturing and distribution oversight.

“On the manufacturing side, Rootstock classifies inventory the way we want, intuitively,” says Swiatkowski. “Plus, Rootstock provides us with distribution and is getting stronger and stronger in that area. We are being provided with a lot of room for growth.

“Today, we are knee deep in the process of installing Rootstock with a team that I am pleased is truly professional,” Swiatkowski adds. “They really know their product and our people are really pleased to team with them.”

“For companies such as Pacer Group, business processes have changed because of shop floor automation or having to support global multiple plants, customers and suppliers, or because they are now providing different products and services,” asserts Pat Garrehy, Founder and CEO of Rootstock. “What was once used as criteria to select the legacy ERP system of the past is no longer relevant. In many cases, those software packages can no longer provide the additional business functionalities that need to be served today and the software vendor cannot provide the needed customization to bring it to a contemporary state. Best of breed on the Salesforce cloud coupled with the broad scope of Rootstock’s robust Cloud ERP for manufacturing integrated seamlessly to the Salesforce CRM creates the functionality needed in today’s collaborative, global and mobile environment.”

About Pacer Group

Pacer’s array of capabilities begins with wire and cable manufacturing and progresses with customer focused solutions, with offerings such as battery cable assembly, wire harness assembly, instrument and dash panel design, and complete electrical system integration. Pacer is a wire manufacturer of a variety of UL and SAE tinned and bare copper wire and cable products serving the Marine, Automotive, RV, Golf Cart, Alternative Energy, Battery Backup/UPS, Appliance, Agricultural, Truck, Material Handling, and other industries.

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