Rootstock Adding Financial Applications to Compliment Partner App Choices

Rootstock Cloud ERP Buyers Will Now Be Able to Choose Either Rootstock Financials or Salesforce Partners’ Financials

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 14, 2015 – Rootstock Software®, the leader in cloud manufacturing and supply chain applications, today announced that, commencing the first quarter of 2016, Rootstock Cloud ERP buyers will be able to order a new set of Rootstock financial Apps, including Accounts Receivable (A/R), Accounts Payable (A/P) and General Ledger (G/L) to compliment Rootstock’s leading manufacturing and distribution Apps. Since Rootstock is focused on manufacturing and distribution organizations, Rootstock wants to assure that these customers have the financial features that are of importance to them.

Rootstock’s ERP accounting system features a new suite of Financial Apps that will include features such as A/R Cash Application and Credit Management, A/P Payment Processing and General Ledger and Journal Management.  Financial Reporting will include fully customizable A/R and A/P Aged Trial Balances and Sub-Ledger analysis as well as Management reports for Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Management Analysis.

As a native application on the® platform, Rootstock will also continue to promote a ‘best of breed’ approach to Financial Applications.  Rootstock’s present and future customers that want their Receivables, Payables, Ledger and Reporting software from a Salesforce® partner, such as Financialforce®, will be able to continue to easily integrate that partner’s financials with Rootstock Cloud ERP in the same manner as those seamless connections exist today.

“Many of our customers have FinancialForce and we just added Intacct® (cloud accounting) interface to our Rootstock Cloud ERP because Intacct promotes a ‘power of choice’ approach with Salesforce applications,” states Pat Garrehy, Founder, President, and CEO of Rootstock Software. “Wanting and needing alternatives in selecting the right business applications to empower their businesses, we will continue to expand our offerings to integrate with applications on the platform such as the newly announced Sage Live®, which provides real time accounting. For these partners, our new packages provide an ideal complement.”

The Rootstock Accounting Apps especially accommodate “hub and spoke” organizations, in which the individual operating unit is free to have its own ERP and local accounting functions but all financial reporting is done at the corporate level, with a very easy, flexible solution. If such an organization subscribes to  Rootstock’s  A/R and A/P, there will be a single integration to the company’s G/L of choice.

Three types of organizations will find the new Rootstock Accounting Apps valuable. First of all, a number of small to medium sized companies that deploy Rootstock Cloud ERP have previously used QuickBooks® and have needed an A/R and A/P migration path. Now, with the new accounting apps, they will be able to maintain both customers and vendors with their Rootstock ERP software, not having to concern themselves with two sets of customer and vendor masters. Secondly, companies that are replacing legacy packages such as JD Edwards®, Dynamics AX® and GP® (formerly known as Great Plains) may also have a need to end up with both A/R and A/P while maintaining their G/L. Lastly, as larger and larger manufacturers and distributors move to the Rootstock cloud-based manufacturing ERP solutions, Rootstock  will provide integrations with the G/L of an SAP® or Oracle® system while performing A/R and A/P at the operational level.

Rootstock’s design and development teams have extensive experience building robust financial applications and that expertise was fully leveraged in delivery of this new suite of capabilities. Existing Rootstock application features of Sales Orders and Invoicing, Purchase Orders to Receiving to Vendor Invoice 3-way Match, robust Cost Accounting as well as recently released features like Subscription Billing and Deferred Revenue and Cost of Sales Management provided much of the heaving-lifting source of transaction feeds into the new A/R, A/P and G/L Financial Apps. Adding more A/P functionality, such as invoice, debit memo and vendor credit maintenance (based on RTV transactions), to the flow was a natural extension of the present core functionality that has been provided to customers for several years.

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