Rootstock and Ebara International Developing Document Lifecycle Management Solution and Quality Solution for Platform

Additionally Creating Non-Conformance Reporting and Tracking plus Work Breakdown Structure Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO – October 29, 2013 – When Rootstock Software, the leader in cloud manufacturing and supply chain applications, and Ebara International, a world leader in the engineering and production of specialized cryogenic liquefied gas pumps and turbine expanders, began implementing Rootstock’s Cloud ERP on the platform at three different Ebara International business units, neither party planned on collaborating together on new software solutions. However, that is where their partnership has arrived.

“We work in a complex manufacturing environment where there is a need for in-depth document lifecycle management,” explains Frank Lowery, IS Director for Ebara International. “There is nothing available on the platform that offers advanced document management capabilities. However, both Rootstock and Ebara International wanted to go beyond the typical package and create a solution that works in the complex manufacturing world. We decided to develop it in a joint basis.”

In addition to traditional software features such as revision control and check-in/check-out, the jointly-developed Rootstock/Ebara International document management solution will include features such as collaboration with suppliers and customers via native web portals and document lifecycle management. All these then integrate with managed documents on any Rootstock object such as drawings and specifications to an engineering part number.

“The quality solution is also unique,” adds Lowery. “It provides non-conformance reporting and tracking. It will do a non-conformance report tracking from the original identification of a defect through the deposition of the part. No longer will non-conformance be reported and tracked at only the departmental level with auxiliary software or manually. Systemic problems will now be viewed from an enterprise perspective.”

Rootstock is also developing a work break-down structure solution that tracks down to activities in a project. “This will provide the capabilities for those firms that want to do more detailed comparisons of actual costs to budgets down to the task level as well as earned value reporting that may be required for those projects that span many months,” explains Sam Wood, Rootstock’s Vice President of Development.

“The designers that created the On-Premise software used by the Lockheed Skunk Works, a project-based environment if there ever was one, also developed the Rootstock Cloud ERP solution,” Lowery emphasizes. “They are now providing Cloud ERP users with the robustness formerly found only in On-Premise solutions.”

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