Rootstock Creating Configurator to Provide Accurate, Immediate Estimates

Will Simplify Processes by Automatically Generating Sales and Work Orders to Fulfill Product Requests; Rootstock Asks for Inputs

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – April 14, 2014 – Rootstock Software®, the leader in cloud manufacturing and supply chain applications, today announced that it is designing a Configurator that will provide Rootstock Cloud ERP users with the ability to derive a set of components based on choices made from Selection Groups. As a result, users will obtain accurate and immediate estimates for various product designs and customer needs. The Configurator will simplify processes by automatically generating the sales and work orders that are necessary to fulfill product requests when submitted and eliminate the need for companies to carry specific BOMs and Routings for every conceivable configuration they might build.

“This Configurator will take the guess work out of processing product requests,” emphasizes Pat Garrehy, founder and CEO of Rootstock Software. “For example, when components are associated with a product, the Configurator will provide the full capabilities of our robust Sales Order Pricing engine. While in this design stage, we ask anybody dealing with ERP to contact us and let us know what they would like to see in their ERP Configurator.”

Input is requested since Rootstock is designing the Configurator to meet specific business needs. It is planned that the Configurator will provide a fully customizable process. For instance, selection groups are planned to be modular, so users can have sub-selections within a selection. Users will be able to eliminate certain options and require others based on the made selections. Components such as inventory items, labor steps, service items and others will function underneath the selections and will be factored into the total price for the configuration.

In addition, the design calls for the output from the Configuration Process to be determined by the user.  As an example, the Configurator Set could be written to a Sales Order Line, a Quotation or written directly to a Work Order. Importantly, there would be multiple options for output.

The Rootstock Configurator is planned to be available during Autumn of 2014.

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