Rootstock Software Announces the Release of Rootstock Mobile

New app enables the automation of inventory, production and shipping transactions through iOS mobile devices

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – June 14, 2017 – Rootstock Software®, the leader in cloud manufacturing and supply chain ERP solutions, today announced the release of Rootstock Mobile, a robust iOS-based mobile app for the management of transactions related to inventory, production, shipping, fulfillment and labor on any Apple iOS mobile device. With a clean, well-organized and simplified user interface, Rootstock Mobile enables the automation of inventory, production, shipping, fulfillment and labor transactions and delivers time and cost savings that improve the operational efficiency and productivity of Rootstock’s manufacturing and distribution customers.

Rootstock Software’s new Rootstock Mobile offering includes a number of features for inventory management, order fulfillment, work order management, shipping, and receiving. These features include barcode scanning and printing, generating stock overviews, the ability to execute location to location transfers, adjustments to inventory location, receiving items into inventory, issuing material into a work order, time card management and much more. Barcode scanning can be done using the native mobile device camera or by using standard industry equipment to accommodate high-volume and rapid scanning.

Rootstock Mobile is directly connected to Rootstock and requires no integration or third-party middleware connection. It is fully supported by the Rootstock release structure so there is no need for integration management or development efforts by the user. It is built using the Salesforce Mobile SDK so it provides the customer with a direct connection to their Salesforce environment and delivers all transactions in real time.

“We are very pleased to deliver the power of Rootstock ERP literally into the hands of our customers. This new application was born out of our team’s understanding that in order for our customers to stay competitive and profitable, they need the right tools which will not only provide them with greater efficiency, but will also allow them to leverage the technology they already have and in a way that is familiar and recognizable to their employees.” states Patrick Garrehy, CEO of Rootstock.

About Rootstock Software

Rootstock Software® is a proven provider of powerful and nimble manufacturing, distribution and supply chain solutions built and deployed on the Salesforce Platform (the world’s #1 cloud computing platform). The Rootstock Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution enables real-time management of manufacturing, distribution and supply chain operations from front to back, anytime and anywhere. The company’s manufacturing, distribution and supply chain apps integrate “out of the box” with Sales Cloud® by and other ERP-centric applications written on the Salesforce Platform. With unparalleled executive experience in manufacturing and distribution software and an established base of installed and implemented cloud customers, Rootstock offers a better and more reliable way to plan and execute required activities, deliver essential information to all parts of the organization, and improve timely and informed business decision making. The Rootstock apps also provide the control and visibility required to elevate the total performance of manufacturing, distribution and supply chain operations. Rootstock is available on the AppExchange by, the world’s most popular marketplace for business apps. To learn more, please follow Rootstock on Twitter @RootstockMFG, visit our Facebook page or visit

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