Rootstock Software® Boosts Shop Floor Control Capabilities

Additional Work Order and Work Center Features Added to Support Mid-Market Manufacturers

SAN RAMON, Calif, May 28, 2010 – Rootstock Software®, leading Software as a Service (SaaS) manufacturing ERP solution provider to the mid-market, announced today that new capabilities are now available in its latest product release.  These new product enhancements within the Rootstock Software® Shop Floor Control module provide additional capabilities resulting in improved visibility, operational efficiencies and cost savings for mid-market manufacturers.

Rootstock Shop Floor and Production Control manages the life cycle of the work order and the routing that is used as a basis for defining the steps or processes that are required in the assembly and manufacture of the item on the shop floor. Rootstock Shop Floor module capabilities include: Routing Maintenance, Work Order Add & BOM Explosion, Work Order Firming, Work Order Release & Operation Extract, Work Order Pick, Work Order Operation Time Booking, Work Order Operation Quantity Recordings, Work Order Receipt & Backflush, and Work Order Cost.

Rootstock Shop Floor Control enhancements include expanded costing and closing variance fields to the Work Order Workbench.  These additional capabilities enable the collection and review of all inventory and cost information on a work order level.  This results in one place to view all related work order information quickly and easily.

Work Center Dispatch List is also now available providing improved visibility of all work orders on the shop floor and prioritizes them by work center.  It graphically highlights any overloaded work centers to identify possible bottlenecks so that that the appropriate action can be taken.

Additional enhancements to Rootstock Shop Floor Control Module include a Work Order Mass Receipt capability as well as Concurrent Operations reporting.  Work Order Mass Receipt provides a work order ‘mass receipt’ capability that enable the receipt of multiple work orders at one time.  This can be run in the background for improved efficiency.  Current Operations enables two or more operations running back to back to be reported concurrently.  These new features deliver improved visibility as well as improved efficiency on the manufacturing shop floor.

‘Effective shop floor management and controls are critical for all manufacturers’, said  Patrick Garrehy, CEO and Founder of Rootstock Software®. “Rootstock Software continues to enhance our already robust capabilities to deliver improved visibility to the shop floor resulting in increased efficiencies and cost savings for our mid-market manufacturing customers.”

Rootstock Software® was launched in 2008 to response to the growing need for a SaaS solution for mid market manufacturers to cut costs, improve processes, and drive revenues.  Rootstock delivers these critical manufacturing capabilities to the under-served mid-market with minimal IT infrastructure investment. For more information about Rootstock, please visit

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