Rootstock Software® Enhances Manufacturing Inventory Control Capabilities

New Inventory Capabilities Added to Improve Supply Chain Visibility and Operational Efficiencies

SAN RAMON, Calif, June 30, 2010 – Rootstock Software®, leading Software as a Service (SaaS) manufacturing solution provider to the mid-market, announced today that new capabilities are now available in its latest product release.  These new product enhancements within the Rootstock Software® Manufacturing Inventory Control module provide additional capabilities resulting in improved visibility, operational efficiencies and cost savings for mid-market manufacturers.

Rootstock Manufacturing Inventory Control supports a number of business processes relating to the maintenance of item inventories, inventory valuation/planning and setting of item policies such as lead time and MRP planning. Purchase requisition maintenance for direct material items is also supported in this module as is a Supply Demand Review (an output of MRP) which illustrates the supply and demand picture with projected on hand balances helpful to a material planner for managing the inventory.

Rootstock Manufacturing Inventory Control enhancements include new simulated standard costing capabilities.  Within the inventory item master, simulated standard costing provides the ability to look at the latest actual costs of building an item and compares to the historical costs.  These simulated costs can then be rolled up that then turn these simulated costs into the new standard cost values.  When the new standard costs are set, this re-values inventory and creates the appropriate General Ledger (GL) variance transactions.  This is particularly valuable when dealing with commodity costs that have highly fluctuating market prices to improve your planning and operational efficiencies.

Lead time capabilities have also been expanded to now include additional lead time phases in the inventory item master such as work order firm, release, pick, shop floor, PO firm, vendor ship, receiving inspection, inter-site transfer, and inter-division transfer lead times.  This additional lead time information results in improved supply chain visibility, delivery forecasting accuracy and supply planning performance.

Additional enhancements include Material Requirements Planning (MRP) minimum/maximum planning modifiers.  Within the inventory item master, minimum and maximum fields have been added to the MRP policies to ensure that purchase requisitions and work order quantities are within those bounds enabling improved operational efficiencies and manufacturing cost savings.

‘Up to date, comprehensive manufacturing inventory data is critical for mid-market manufacturers’, said Patrick Garrehy, CEO and Founder of Rootstock Software®. ’Rootstock Software continues to build on our manufacturing inventory control functionality to deliver industry leading supply chain visibility and operational efficiencies.’

Rootstock Software® was launched in 2008 in response to the growing need for a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for mid market manufacturers to cut costs, improve processes, and drive revenues. Rootstock delivers these critical manufacturing capabilities to the under-served mid-market with minimal IT infrastructure investment. For more information about Rootstock, please visit

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