Rootstock Software® Enhances SaaS Manufacturing Solution with Latest Product Release

New Product Features Include Subcontract Manufacturing, Approved Vendor and Integration with On-Demand Arena Software

SAN RAMON, Calif, July 19, 2010 – Rootstock Software®, leading Software as a Service (SaaS) manufacturing solution provider to the mid-market, announced today that new capabilities are now available in its latest product release.  These product enhancements within Rootstock Software® provide additional capabilities resulting in new product integration functionality, improved business process automation, enhanced subcontract manufacturing functionality, and enhanced standard costing functionality which will provide operational efficiencies, improved cost control and cost savings for mid-market manufacturers.

PLM/PDM Integration – The latest Rootstock product release now includes integration to Arena bill of materials (BOM) and ERP change management software, on-demand software that helps small and mid-size manufacturers centralize product data, control the engineering change process and share BOMs with contract manufacturers and suppliers.  The Rootstock-Arena integration automates the process of transferring current product configuration data from Arena to Rootstock, avoiding manual entry errors and ensuring that manufacturing configuration data is always up to date and fully synchronized. This shared data, including Items, Item Revisions, BOMs, and Engineering Changes, is received and used by Rootstock to perform up to date manufacturing planning and shop floor operations.  Rootstock and Arena work together to provide a flexible solution for manufacturers that are faced with constantly changing products with ever shortening product life cycles. Together, they deliver up to date product configuration data resulting in improved visibility and more efficient manufacturing operations.

Automated Purchasing Processes – Within purchasing, Rootstock has added Approved Vendor functionality that enables manufacturers to identify a supplier as the primary vendor for an item.  Auto approval and auto convert capabilities are included that allow an automatic approval and conversion of a purchase requisition to a purchase order (PO).  This streamlines the procurement process and results in improved efficiencies and shorter purchasing cycle times. Additional Approved Vendor features include the ability to create a new or add to existing PO as well as provide the flexibility of entering a new price or using the last purchase price for the item.  Correctly capturing this cost information is critical to manufacturers that are using standard costing methods to better track all operational costs.  The capability to selectively (on an item basis) automate the creation of purchase orders from material requirements planned purchasing requisitions reduces administrative effort and results in reduced administrative lead time.

Subcontract Manufacturing Support – Functionality has been added to the Rootstock solution to support the basic needs of many mid market manufacturers to contract out specific manufacturing operations to outside suppliers.  With Rootstock, manufacturers can issue material, track inventory and capture all related product costs associated with the outsourced operations.  After receiving the finished product from the outside supplier, Rootstock performs a backflush to move inventory and roll up all associated product costs from the outsourced manufacturer. These new subcontract manufacturing capabilities provide enhanced management functionality for subcontracted manufacturing activities, improved business process flows and improved manufacturing cost control as well as dramatically improved visibility across the supply chain.

Enhanced Work Orders/Rework Orders – Work Order functionality has also been expanded in Rootstock’s latest product release.  Rework functionality has been added that will classify a Work Order as a Rework Work Order and it also provides the capability to define a specific Rework Routing.  This allows all product and labor costs to be captured for rework in addition to tracking all inventory for reworked items.  The Rootstock Work Order Workbench has also been enhanced to extract operations, extract components, and generate pick list records with one click.   Other capabilities have been added including improved sorting of items and operations as well as additional printing capabilities to streamline the entire work order process to improve operational efficiencies.

Standard Costing – Standard cost functionality has been enhanced to now include cost roll up revaluation capabilities to  generate more accurate material costs from historical purchase orders as well as enable cost simulations.  An Indented Costed BOM report has been added in addition to enhancements to the Single level Costed BOM report.  These standard cost enhancements provide improved visibility and control over products costs as planned and as produced.

‘Mid market manufacturers are constantly changing their operations to meet their customers ever changing needs’, said Patrick Garrehy, CEO and Founder of Rootstock Software®. ’Rootstock Software continues to build on our industry expertise to deliver new and enhanced capabilities like Subcontract Manufacturing, Approved Vendor, and Integration with Arena Solutions to support our customers growing businesses.’

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Rootstock Software® was launched in 2008 in response to the growing need for a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for mid market manufacturers to cut costs, improve processes, and drive revenues. Rootstock delivers these critical manufacturing capabilities to the under-served mid-market with minimal IT infrastructure investment. For more information about Rootstock, please visit

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