Rootstock Software® Launches ERP Data Framework to Unlock ERP Data from Legacy ERP Systems

Rootstock now offers companies three options to help companies transition to cloud ERP, modernize operations and achieve digital transformation

San Ramon, CA (March 26, 2019) – Today, manufacturers, distributors and supply chain organizations are looking to modernize and digitally transform their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) operations by moving them to the cloud – either as a whole or in part. To help achieve this objective, Rootstock Software, a leading provider of cloud ERP built for the Salesforce Platform, today launched its ERP Data Framework. This tool is a collection of pre-configured ERP data objects, which enables organizations to transfer and map legacy ERP data to the Salesforce Platform than conventional methods.

“For a variety of reasons, some companies aren’t ready to completely replace their legacy ERP solutions,” said Pat Garrehy, CEO of Rootstock. “For organizations already using or planning to use Salesforce, they can leverage our ERP Data Framework to consolidate data onto one cloud and gain visibility across their CRM and ERP data for employees, customers and suppliers. The Data Framework can simplify the process and reduce the time needed to map and transfer data into Salesforce.”

With the Rootstock ERP Data Framework, organizations don’t have to develop custom objects from scratch. Rootstock platform data objects are pre-built to match typical ERP systems. As such, the Salesforce Platform can easily be populated through Rootstock’s API (Application Programing Interface) using a variety of methods, including MuleSoft or other integration tools. Installation wizards also speed up the installation process.

Once the data is populated in Salesforce, users have a complete view of ERP information, including inventory, production schedules, costing, invoices, customer credits, returns, and other information. Furthermore, Einstein AI can be put to work on a combined ERP and CRM data set on one cloud.

With the addition of this tool, now, no matter where organizations are on the spectrum of transitioning from legacy to Cloud ERP, Rootstock can help them achieve their goals faster, at a lower cost, and with reduced risk. Because ERP is a large, complex, mission-critical system, companies want to minimize any disruption. Depending on the companies’ particular business needs and circumstances, they can leverage any one of Rootstock’s three options to unlock ERP in a way that’s right for them:

  1. ERP Data Visibility. Using the Rootstock ERP Data Framework, companies can transfer ERP data from their legacy ERP system to the Salesforce Platform as outlined above. In this situation, they may still utilize their legacy ERP, not have to contend with the disruption of a new system implementation, and yet benefit from better visibility into their ERP data.
  2. Two-Tier ERP. Using a two-tier ERP approach, companies can utilize Rootstock Cloud ERP to manage just one business unit or business process. These companies typically want to employ a more incremental strategy for their ERP modernization. They may still utilize their legacy ERP but implement Rootstock Cloud ERP for a specialized area of their operations.
  3. Full ERP Replacement. These companies use Rootstock Cloud ERP to replace their legacy ERP system. They want to move their entire ERP operations to the cloud, although some may use a phased approach to implementation. These companies are in a position to devote the staff, resources and management necessary to deploy a new solution. When Rootstock ERP is combined with Salesforce, these companies can enjoy a full view of customers and more efficient processes across front- and back-office operations.

You can sign up for our upcoming webinar on March 27, 2019, 10:00 am Pacific to learn more about these “3 Ways to Transition to Cloud ERP.”

Rootstock Cloud ERP is a flexible, modern and connected ERP solution that helps organizations enable real-time management of manufacturing, distribution and supply chain operations. Rootstock customers can deploy this single system to handle multiple manufacturing modes, product lines, and personalized customer requirements while gaining control and scaling across global operations.

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