Rootstock Software Launches Gold Partner Tier at Rooted-In Manufacturing Conference

Tiered approach and formal certification program designed to drive customer confidence and success with Rootstock ERP partners

San Ramon, CA (March 26, 2024) – Rootstock Software, a recognized leader in the Manufacturing ERP space, today announced the refinement of its partner ecosystem through a newly structured Rootstock Partner Program, introduced today at the Rooted-In Manufacturing Conference. This strategic initiative takes a three-tiered partner approach, which aims to recruit and incentivize partners to grow and mature their Rootstock ERP practice—with the highest level culminating in the new Gold Partner tier.

“Our partners are more than just collaborators. They’re essential to our mission to deliver an unparalleled ERP solution and accompanying services to the manufacturing industry,” said Matt Wolf, SVP of Global Alliances at Rootstock Software. “We’ve introduced a tiered structure, which will ensure partners have a clear roadmap to excel and grow with Rootstock, contributing to our collaborative success—as well as the success of our shared customers.”

Through the newly structured Partner Program, the alliances team engages with partners and empowers them to advance along a progressive lifecycle:

  • Referral Partner. New partners start at the referral level. Successful collaborations and achievements in this initial phase open the door to the next tier.
  • SI Consulting Partner. This level signifies deeper engagement with the systems integrator (SI) partner providing services that complement and are guided by Rootstock’s internal professional services team. Rootstock provides these partners with additional training, enablement, and support, so they can become better equipped to handle Rootstock ERP implementations on their own and gradually progress to the next stage.
  • Gold Partner. The partner journey culminates in achieving Gold status, a distinction reserved for those who exemplify unparalleled expertise, a track record of successful implementations, and up-to-date Rootstock product knowledge and an Implementation Certification.

“The program is crafted to recognize and reward a partner’s growing level of expertise in implementing, configuring, and integrating our ERP solution within a customer’s broader IT environment, which often includes other solutions in the Salesforce ecosystem. Through this tiered approach, we provide a clear path—from Referral Partner all the way up to the esteemed Gold Partner, ensuring companies can grow and thrive at each stage of this progression,” said Wolf.

The Rootstock Implementation Certification, which was initially announced in January 2024, is a pivotal part of the Partner Program. Certification ensures partners possess comprehensive product knowledge and skills in deploying the Rootstock Manufacturing ERP. It serves as a critical benchmark for partners aiming for Gold status. Several SI partners were able to complete this certification in the months leading up to the Rooted-In Conference.

“During today’s keynote, we announced the elevation of three partners to the Gold status,” said Wolf. “Deloitte Digital emerged as the only global SI to attain Gold, while Alto Consultants and Praxis received Gold as North American regional SI partners. These achievements reflect these partners’ dedication to deepening their expertise and continually delivering value to our customers. Attaining Gold status is also a clear signal to customers that they can place their utmost confidence in these partners’ abilities to navigate the complexities of the manufacturing sector. We celebrate this milestone with our partners and look forward to continuing to work together to foster customer success.”

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