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A Cloud Strategy Should Ensure Interconnectivity and Communications

San Ramon, Calif. – May  6, 2021Rootstock Software, a worldwide provider of cloud ERP, reports that too many manufacturers and distributors, when moving the computer operations to the cloud, lack an overall cloud strategy. As a result, they end up with various cloud-based point solutions, deploying multiple cloud applications on different cloud platforms and then try to tie them all together with expensive and difficult to manage “middleware”.

“Although there is a multitude of cloud-based technologies available to replace legacy solutions, it is not advisable for these companies to simply throw cloud tech at various problems,” advises Pat Garrehy, Rootstock Software CEO. “Such organizations have forgotten that developing a cloud strategy should ensure interconnectivity and communication between their growing numbers of cloud-based apps and platforms in use in the back office. Cutting-edge capabilities, such as analytics, IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (artificial intelligence), are more complicated to implement and integrate when doing so across disparate clouds.

“Cloud applications, such as CRM, HR, finance and operations, have crept into companies residing on different cloud platforms, usually on a department by department basis. Many companies have allowed departments or functional leads to deploy a mixture of cloud applications. In effect, they have created their own bolted together monster.”

When a company deploys multiple cloud applications on different cloud platforms, each cloud uses different tools for reporting, workflow, customization and integration, Garrehy reports. The clouds usually have different user interfaces and are not integrated with each other very well. Worst of all, the databases are separated, making reporting and analytics more difficult. Concepts like the “360-degree customer view” and the “single version of the truth” are difficult to attain.

“Most companies could do themselves a favor by establishing a clear cloud-platform strategy,” Garrehy attests. “For instance, CRM, Field Service, Quality Management Systems, ERP and others should all be on the same platform and share the same data model. CRM and ERP house the bulk of the data, the biggest processes and a large user population. Combining CRM and ERP on one platform goes a long way to solving the majority of the problem. This is a particularly beneficial strategy for the manufacturing sector to optimize forecasting and more seamlessly share sales and production information.”

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Rootstock Software is a worldwide provider of cloud ERP on the Salesforce Platform. When combined with Salesforce CRM, Rootstock Cloud ERP offers manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain organizations a single platform to grow and manage their businesses. Rootstock Cloud ERP is a flexible, modern, and digitally connected system that transforms companies to deliver a more personalized customer experience, efficiently scale operations, and out-service the competition.

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