The Root Group Grows 379% in A Single Year 

Customer-driven user group for Rootstock ERP to play a pivotal role at Rooted-In Manufacturing Conference

San Ramon, CA (February 20, 2024) – The Root Group, the official user group for Rootstock Manufacturing ERP, today celebrates a year of extraordinary achievement and growth. Within the past year, the customer-driven group experienced nearly a fourfold increase in membership and success in fostering a collaborative community of Rootstock ERP users.

“More than just an increase in members, we’ve seen deep user engagement,” said Chad Wright, CIO at Boston Dynamics and chairman of The Root Group. “Our members thrive on sharing knowledge and helping each other succeed. During our quarterly meetings, we often explore various Rootstock ERP capabilities and the innovative ways we can leverage other applications and partners in the Salesforce ecosystem to continually enhance our operations.”

“The Root Group has evolved well beyond our initial expectations,” said Chris Crowley, CIO of Intuvie and one of the founding members of The Root Group’s Board of Advisors. “Joining this user group offers many advantages—from the opportunity to learn from one another, to being able to influence product development, and to gain a ‘first look’ at upcoming ERP features. Beyond these strategic benefits, we also enjoy practical perks, such as discounts to attend the Rooted-In Manufacturing Conference.”

The Root Group (TRG) encompasses a diverse cross-section of ERP professionals, including executives and leaders in technology, manufacturing operations, and finance. As a result, their members will play a critical role in the Rooted-In Manufacturing Conference in New Orleans, March 25-27, with the following key initiatives:

  • Rootstock ERP Training. By providing feedback to conference coordinators, The Root Group helped initiate a full day of Rootstock ERP training on Monday, March 25, which will happen before the actual Rooted-In Manufacturing Conference. These training sessions are in direct response to members expressing a desire for more ERP product knowledge.
  • TRG Meeting & Luncheon. On March 27, The Root Group will be hosting an in-person meeting over lunch and all conference attendees are welcome to attend to hear more about the group and its agenda.
  • Dedicated Lounge. The lounge will offer a place for Root Group members to relax between sessions and informally connect with their peers, helping to foster meaningful conversations.

“It’s been phenomenal to witness the trajectory of The Root Group and to have their members drive key initiatives at Rooted-In,” said Raj Badarinath, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Rootstock Software. “We’re fortunate to have Chad participate in our day one keynote address and in our ‘State of Manufacturing’ panel. The Root Group has served as the voice of the customer, and we at Rootstock continue to provide complete support for the group and its member-driven goals.

“The Root Group has come full circle as it was formed at the first Rooted-In, and now many of our members are presenting at the conference and participating in the Customer Advisory Board,” said Wright. “For the road ahead, we hope to expand into Europe and to organize regional in-person meetings to foster stronger, more personal connections. Our goal is to ensure every member finds value and support in The Root Group. By focusing on these objectives, the group will continue to serve as an essential forum for collaboration, innovation, and shared success among Rootstock users worldwide.”

To learn more about The Root Group’s participation at Rooted-In Manufacturing, visit the conference website and check out these and other TRG member-led and member-participant sessions and panels:

  • “Business Recruiting for Success: Leveraging the Salesforce Platform for IT Transformation,” delivered by Chad Wright, CIO of Boston Dynamics.
  • “How To Predict the Future: The Importance of Decisioning in Manufacturing, a panel discussion that includes members, Ohad Idan, Founder and CEO of Praxis, and Andrew Russo, Salesforce Architect at BACA Systems.
  • “Pitfalls of Digital Transformation – Practical Lessons,” delivered by Chris Crowley, CIO of Intuvie.


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