Welcome to a new blog series profiling Rootstock customers:   

Success Signals: Customer Chronicles   

Each week, we will highlight a “signal of success” for one of our customers. This series intends to showcase outcomes that our customers have experienced after digitally transforming their businesses. Hear them talk about how they have come to rely on and get excited about all things Rootstock.    

 ~Kelly Hamilton, Senior Manager, Customer Marketing  

I recently had the pleasure to connect with Andrew Russo, Salesforce Architect at BACA Systems and Root Group Advisory Board Member. 

BACA Systems is an award-winning manufacturer of robotic machinery for the stone and countertop industry.    

We’ve talked to Andrew before about BACA System’s selection process as they were preparing to implement Rootstock.  In this customer success video, Andrew talks about how they looked for a company that “understood their business requirements” and could “turn them into working solutions.”   

BACA Systems previously struggled with inventory accuracy, resulting in stock-outs. This halted production and created shipment delays to customers. Andrew tells us that due to better inventory accuracy and supply chain management capabilities with Rootstock, BACA has seen a considerable reduction in inventory shortages and can better fulfill customer orders.  

Andrew told us: 

“Our on-time ship rate for spare parts has dramatically increased. Our stock-out rates decreased 70% and our parts orders to customers ship on the same day ordered nearly 100% of the time.” 

With Andrew at the helm, BACA Systems is showing its signal of success by increasing automation with a measurable outcome of efficiency and time savings. Andrew tells us this empowers his employees while creating customer satisfaction at the same time.  A winning combination with working solutions that every business needs.  

To read more about how BACA Systems reduced complexity in their business process, find out more in their white paper created in conjunction with Industry Week 



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