Demand for Rootstock Cloud ERP Continues to Grow in the UK

Earlier this week, we announced two new customers in the UK – CRFS Limited and ES Broadcast.

The Market for Cloud ERP In the UK

To delve deeper into ERP demand in the UK market, we spoke with Peter Adolfsson, sales director for the UK (as well as the Nordic and Baltic regions). He described the UK market as being very mature in terms of adoption of Salesforce. “There are a lot of companies in the manufacturing, distribution and supply chain space that are already using Salesforce, and since Rootstock cloud ERP is built on the Salesforce Platform, there’s a significant ‘ready’ market interested in our solution. As a result, our pipeline is booming, and we have several channel partners in the UK helping us to address this demand.”

Adolfsson has worked in the manufacturing industry for more than 30 years with experience in CAD, PLM and ERP systems and working for companies like ABB, PTC, Baan, Infor, Oracle and other similar companies.

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about Brexit and its potential to hamper growth in manufacturing. “There’s uncertainty around the specific changes the UK’s departure from the EU will bring, but we haven’t seen any kind of slowing effect. Instead, manufacturers, distributers, and supply chain organizations continue to grow; companies are opening new offices and plants in other countries, especially as demand for their products have increased. The main hinderance has been the outdated legacy ERP systems that they’ve outgrown and are looking to replace.”

Offering an Integrated ERP and CRM Solution

Toward that end, Adolfsson is now getting involved earlier in the sales process to offer an integrated ERP and CRM solution. “We actually partner with the Salesforce team to present a one cloud approach from the onset. In some cases, needing a modern ERP solution is the impetus for a company getting on the Salesforce Platform.”

Adolfsson recently went on a road trip through Scotland with Salesforce. “We met with potential new partners and prospects with the hope of nurturing opportunities together. We’re also attending the Salesforce World Tour in London on May 23, where we expect to speak with companies that are looking to leverage integrated ERP and CRM capabilities.”

“These days, we’re not cold calling,” Adolfsson explained. “Most prospects are coming to us. They’ve already decided they need to make a change to digitally transform their operations, and they’re looking for a modern ERP that’s more flexible and connected than the solutions that have been around for a long time. They also appreciate our partnership with other applications on the Salesforce Platform, like ComplianceQuest, which helps them to meet their broader business needs.”

Interest in Two-Tier ERP

Two-tier ERP is another trend Adolfsson has observed. “In some cases, customers want to implement ERP for just one division of their company or to handle a certain component of their operations. For example, we have one customer using Rootstock Cloud ERP to manage their global supply chain, and another prospect that wants to modernize its inventory management.”

“In the UK, as well as in the other regions I serve, international growth is key. This means companies need a firm grasp on their data, the ability to access and share data effectively, and to benefit from a 360-degree view of their operations. As a result, many companies are seeing the value of a combined Salesforce and Rootstock cloud solution, which I feel will continue to drive our growth in the UK.”